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Modern Family Season 10 Spoilers: Episode 3 Guide + Photos

Brace yourselves Modern Family fans, a significant character from the hit ABC sitcom will be kicking the bucket in season 10. Co-creator Christopher LLoyd has revealed the sad news in a report from Entertainment Weekly.

Modern Family Character Dying — Major Death, Season 10

A ‘significant character’ will die in Season 10 of ‘Modern Family.’ Roseanne Conner isn’t the only character on the proverbial chopping block this season.

‘Modern Family’ season 3 spoilers | EW.com

Sep 21, 2011 · Cancel all commitments tonight in the name of quality Family time. ABC’s Modern Family — which claimed its second Outstanding Comedy Series …

Modern Family Season 10: Release Date, Spoilers, Major

Modern Family Finale Season 10: Release Date Season 10 of Modern Family comes out soon this month and with a plot twist. According to Llyod, “There is a significant change in the dynamics of the family that people maybe thought was going to happen at some point down the line that is happening sooner than expected.

‘Modern Family’ [Spoiler] Dies: Recap of Season 10

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Wednesday’s Modern Family. Rest in peace, DeDe.

‘Modern Family’ Spoiler: ‘Significant’ Character Dies This

— Modern Family (@ModernFam) September 8, 2018. While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Lloyd also addressed the rumors that this will be the very last season of Modern Family since it is the final year on its current contract.

Modern Family – Season 3 – Spoilers from Paley

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Who Is Going to Die on ‘Modern Family’? Season 10 Spoilers

It seems that most Modern Family fans are convinced that Mitch and Claire’s mom DeDe will be the one to go. «I am going to guess DeDe. It wouldn’t be something that shakes the main casts’ foundation and it would affect almost every character.

How Did DeDe Die on ‘Modern Family’? Season 10 Spoilers

Fans had a lot of theories about who would be killed off Modern Family — and on the beloved ABC series’ Halloween episode, viewers finally got their answer. Unfortunately, it was DeDe Pritchett — ex-wife of Jay Pritchett and mom to Claire and Mitchell — who died on Modern Family.

Modern Family Spoilers – TV Fanatic

On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 9, the family gets together for Jay’s birthday, and Haley has a new boyfriend. Check out these photos for a sneak peek!

Modern Family to end on season 10 and here’s how it could

Modern Family is currently filming the second part of its ninth season, which has recently seen Manny head off to college, while Luke has opted to take a gap year.

‘Modern Family’ finally reveals character show killed off

«Modern Family» on Wednesday night finally killed off the «significant character» writers had been hyping up since last month — and it wasn’t the dog.

‘Modern Family’ Death Spoilers: Find Out Who Died On

A «Modern Family» character died on Wednesday night’s episode. ABC/Robert Ashcroft . Fans had speculated which character would be written off the show in a morbid manner, and feared it would be a