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An unreasonably thrifty person. (Flint is a semiprecious mineral a relative of quartz, and the notion that the greediest person would keep flint shavings for economy).

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What does Hot Cunt mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does cunt struck mean in Urban Dictionary?

(Australian slang) When a sexually deprived bloke who would not normally be interested in a particular woman takes on a sudden obsession with her after any form of sexual encounter, often as simple as catching a glimpse up her skirt.

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Golden Shower: To urinate on another human being for sexual gratification, usually by somebody who’s never heard the words «personal» and «hygiene» strung together in the same sentence.

What does Wet Cunt mean in Urban Dictionary?

November 19, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page A wet cunt is a women/he she’s vagina which is damp,as in stage right before she wishes a fatty dick in the damp pussy.

What does Urban Cunt mean in Urban Dictionary?

same as an urban penis, only a lady a lady staff member at urbandictionary.com just who cancels your distribution before it also achieves the editors. This person is actually a cunt . she will terminate a submission that breaks not one regarding the rules and is really helpful.

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“ Cunt punt” earned her mentions on The Daily Show, and a place in the Urban Dictionary. Rebecca Martinson, the Viral Sorority Girl Letter Writer: How to Go From Unknown to Infamous in …