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Well you could just have the omelet, then go back in time and enjoy the waffle. That’s probably what I would use Max’s power for. Just eat a bunch of unhealthy♥♥♥♥♥♥then rewind so I wouldn’t gain a pound.


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Apr 03, 2015 · Welcome back everyone to part 2 of my 1rst Walkthough of life is strange episode 2 ! and damn The dicision in thi Episode are damn hard ! Game Life Is Strange

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The Hardest Choice In Life Is Strange Episode 3 Involves

A choice that could rupture reality as we know it – who knows, it could even kill Max one day, or mess things up for Chloe so badly that her whole life is turned upside down… OR. It could just be bacon. That’s the glory of Life Is Strange – you can’t predict it, you can’t …

What are you unreasonable fan desires for Life Is Strange

Life Is Strange is a series of games, published by Square Enix, revolving around a heavily story driven narrative that is affected by your choices. The games are being developed by Dontnod Entertainment and Deck Nine Games.

Top responsesReddit20 different endings26 votes10 seasons. And more Waffle vs Omelette-ish choices.40 voteschloe to not die and thats it lol16 votesMax to ditch the creep Warren and get together with Chloe17 votesThe last as long as possible, but make it stop when its done. Some games/tvshows go on too long (i am looking at you Lost).8 votesI’d say my unreasonable fan desire for Life is Strange would be that the game has an inpact on publishers. Dontnod has stated in numerous interviews that … read more24 votesSee all

[No Spoilers]Arcadia Bay in Life is Strange 2? : lifeisstrange

Not only in Arcadia Bay but the rest of the game, so depending on your main choices and your end we will see things related to the first Life is Strange in Life is Strange 2 during Sean and Daniel’s journey.

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Libra: Life is strange- Decisions, decisions. They’re the bane of a libra’s existence, and the central focus of this game. You can change your mind as much as you want, but you’ll have regrets no matter what. Scorpio: Until dawn- Horror, the supernatural, and some seriously twisted psychological shit. It’s dark, suspenseful, and has

Life is Strange is Secretly Super Important to the Gaming

Life is Strange‘s first episode set the stage for one of the most morally gray narratives in recent memory.Its true brilliance comes from its ability to stray away from the traditional “good


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Small Things – Chapter 4 – Aerolumen – Life Is Strange

Finish your waffle and then your new sidekick will guide you.» Max finished off her waffle as Chloe gobbled down the remains of her omelet. «Okay, girl wonder,» Max said after her final bite, «show me the way to Chloe’s cave.»

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Life Is Strange – S2 Ep 1 Out Now What if the choice between the bacon omelet and belgian waffle affects the story? I can already see the «this choice will have consequences» popping up after we make our decision. Bacon omelet or Belgian waffles Oh god.

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Designed to whip up a waffle and an omelet at the same time, it’s a kitchen essential for novices and seasoned cooks alike. This unit has 2 LED lights and audio beep tones to indicate when the waffle or omelet …

The Dare Game – Chapter 3 – ArgentMartin – Life Is Strange

Victoria jumped at the opportunity at once, and ordered a Belgian Waffle. Max, the Bacon Omelet with two pancakes. “Don’t tell me you’re actually planning to eat all of that,” Victoria asked, crossing her arms and raising a brow.