Urban Dictionary: stone island

Urban Dictionary: stone island

a very expensive brand of Italian designer clothes marketed at very high earning, highly educated Europeans. Actually mainly worn by British Football thugs as a status symbol

Urban Dictionary: #stone island

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Stone Island · Islandstone · Black P. Stone Nation

Urban Dictionary: islandstone

The english translation of the common Norwegian name «Øystein.» Commonly refers to a person born of incest and molded in the fiery breath of Mount Doom.

Urban Dictionary: stones

refers to the degree to which someone will stand up for them self or what one is responsible for, or, the degree to which one will go to get the job done. At work, having stones can be career-limiting if the company you work for values yes men instead of people that can actually get something done right. On film or TV, action heroes typically have major stones.

Urban Dictionary: Stone job

Stone job: Pronounced {STONE-JOB!} Believed to be derived of Spanish and English origins, with its true beginnings shrouded in a history as odd as the act itself. a) The act of inadvertently neglecting to keep prearranged meetings. b) The act of absentmindedly abandoning a friend(s) at a house party, without informing said friend(s) of your abrupt departure.

Urban Dictionary: Stone in the shoe

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Urban Dictionary: Stone in Love

A stone is hard. When your in love and you fall hard, you’re a «stone in love».

Urban Dictionary: island

An island is a gay person that is not on the scene and usually does not care to be on it. Usually because he knows what drama it entails. Islands are happy living on their island, isolated around their ocean of …

Urban Dictionary: The Negro Stone

The Negro Stone is the seventh and most rare infinity stone of the Marvel Universe. This stone is black in color and when used, the user can say the n word. Thanos may have the power to wipe out half the universe in one snap of his fingers, but he can’t say the n word, and at the end of the day, do you really have power if you can’t say the n word.

Urban Dictionary: football casual

They wear expensive clothes such as: Stone Island, CP Company, Aquasctutum,Fred Perry, Weekend Offender ect. And they wear adidas originals, new balances or diadora shoes They listen to such music artists as: Oasis, The Stone Roses, The Courenteers, Jake Bugg ect. They usually have a cockney accent and tend to swear a lot.

What does stone head mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does South Island mean in Urban Dictionary?

What does South Island mean in Urban Dictionary?: premier of brand new Zealand’s three primary islands, understood colloquially as «The Mainland». It lies amongst the North Island…

What does strong island mean in Urban Dictionary?

what individuals from longer Island call their little area because they think they’ve been «ghetto». by Sandy Messmer Report definition; Long Island is suburbia. glen cove, baldwin, rockville center, valley stream is regarded as long area, but Strong Island is the hood element of lengthy area. Go through Martin Luther King DR.

What does Paramounts Kings Island mean in Urban Dictionary?

1) maintaining Cincinnati, Ohio on map since 1972. The Reds and Bengals cannot reduce it.2) House of the world’s longest woody: The Beast.3) The only real place in the entire world where you are able to drive Lara Croft.4) A lot better than Cedar Point.5) PKI Breaks records too damnit.