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The Rallarvegen makes its way through 21 sharp bends down to Kårdal which is the highest farm in Flåmsdalen. From Kårdal the road carries on through the wild …

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Rallarvegen (English: The Navvy Road) is a construction/access road in central Norway that is now popular as a recreation trail for bicyclists. It was built from 1902 to 1904 in connection with the construction of the Bergen Line.

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Rallarvegen the Navvies’Road) is designated as a cultural monument and important part of Norwegian National Heritage. The road runs parallel with the Bergen railway, which opened in 1909, and passes by NSB-owned buildings, many of them old guard’s houses.

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Rallarvegen is a transport road designed to support the construction of “Bergensbanen” railway. In 1894, the Norwegian Parliament decided that a railway connection between Bergen and Oslo (at the time known as Christiania) was needed, and ended up choosing the mountain range that split southern Norway in two, as the crossing point.

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Vi syklet Rallarvegen denne uken, og tok med oss dronen på tur! Her er noen av bildene vi fikk! Lik og del! www.rallarvegen.com We biked the Rallarvegen this week, and brought our drone with us! Here is some of the shots we got!


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The Rallarvegen bike route is an 80 km road leading from the mountains to the fjords along the Bergensbanen and Flåmsbanen railway lines. Rallarvegen begins in Haugastøl and finishes in Flåm, but it is most common to begin from Finse (53 km) or Myrdal (17 km).

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Aug 25, 2016 · We rode the Rallarvegen as part of a much longer touring ride across Scandinavia. This was the highlight of our month on the road. I have cycle toured thousands and thousands of kilometers and the rallarvegen sits at the very top of my many great

Location: Finse, Ulvik 5719,, Norway