Can I make a sword that look like a cane like zatoichi ?

Can I make a sword that look like a cane like zatoichi

For Way of the Samurai 4 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled «Can I make a sword that look like a cane like zatoichi ?».

The Zatoichi Sword A Japanese Blade in a Walking Stick

Before I start out my review, I d like to point out that while the Zatoichi sword isn’ t an authentic Japanese sword (after all, its NOT differentially tempered, the blade isn’ t curved and the tang is really quite suspect) – it ‘s still a very strong, sharp blade, especially for something its price range.

Zatoichi’s Cane Sword (1967) – IMDb

Jan 03, 1967 · Zatoichi comes upon the town of Tonda, overrun by gangsters. Using one of his favorite techniques, Zatoichi proceeds to win 8 ryo in a rigged gambling game. Of course, the local gangsters attempt to kill him, and the adventure begins. It turns out a blacksmith named Senzo examines Zatoichi’s cane sword, and discovers it to be forged by his old


Shinwa – Bamboo Stick Shirasaya Sword | True Swords

A cross between Zatoichi and Shirasaya styles, this samurai sword has been carved to look like a bamboo walking cane. An attractive brass handle ornament completes the piece. The hardwood handle and scabbard have a matching bamboo color finish and hand carved accents. This piece is designed to look like a solid cane when sheathed.

CAS Hanwei Zatoichi Stick/Sword | Up to 35% Off w/ Free S&H

Cas Hanwei has been making high end swords for a number of years, and the CAS Hanwei Zatoichi Stick/Sword is a direct result of their tireless efforts to make …

Brand: Cas Hanwei

Nodachi Style Stick Swords for Sale

Stick Swords for sale include a variety of designs like Nodachi and Japanese Shirasaya. These swords typically lack a tsuba. They fit into their scabbard and appear to be a single piece of wood or stick. Other stick swords for sale include movie swords like the Blind Samurai Zatoichi and Blind Fury movie swords.

Hand Forged Black Zatoichi Full Tang Stick Sword

Hand Forged Black Zatoichi Full Tang Stick Sword #953. Item# 953. Regular price: $227.99 Sale price: $189.99 each. Qty. Estimated Delivery Date About Shipping 1 * Zatoichi Sword with saya 1 * Black Cotton Sword Bag 1 * Tube Cardboard Sword Box. Popular Items. Tactical Manganese Steel katana Samurai Swords #839.

Shikomizue – The Early Japanese Sword Cane Weapons

Shikomizue is a Ninja Weapon that is referred to as prepared cane. This is just a disguise because this Ninja Tool looks like an ordinary cane or walking stick. Ninjas are known for disguising as elderly or cripple with the help of this tool. No one can expect a cripple to fight with skills.

Zatoichi’s Cane Sword (1967) – Zatoichi’s Cane Sword (1967

Zatoichi’s Cane Sword (#15) is one of the best in the 27-film series (and has some of the best bits of humor from Zatoichi, like the whole «duck dance» scene) and as …

CAS Hanwei SH2114 Zatoichi Stick/Sword Folded High-Carbon

Provides a traditional, natural look and feel to a modern tool. Wood absorbs shock well and is popular in axe handles. I have not had a chance to actually use it yet. It is so well made and lite that I personally do not want to get it dirty!What really like about it is that it is very lite and yet I


Zatoichi’s Cane Sword – Wikipedia

Zatoichi’s Cane Sword (座頭市鉄火旅, Zatōichi tekka-tabi) is a 1967 Japanese chambara film directed by Kimiyoshi Yasuda and starring Shintaro Katsu as the blind masseur Zatoichi. It was originally released by the Daiei Motion Picture Company (later acquired by Kadokawa Pictures ).

Directed by: Kimiyoshi Yasuda

Zatoichi Self Defense Sword Cane – Atlanta Cutlery

Disguised to look like a cane or walking stick, these became popular in Asia as the samurai and swords fell out of favor and were outlawed. But you still wanted your sword with you and this stunning version is a great example. Hardwood scabbard and handle stained a matching rich mahogany color that still allows the grain to come through.


Bamboo Zatoichi Ninja Sword – XL1086 – Swords Knives and

It appears to be an oriental walking cane made of bamboo, but conceals a secret 27 1/4″ carbon steel blade inside! It makes a great home decor item that can be quickly used for self defense! 27 1/4″ carbon steel blade Bamboo handle and matching scabbard Looks like a walking cane 41 3/8″ overall length


ZATOICHI’S CANE SWORD I thought red for the cane would be the natural choice. It would have looked un-cool if Zatoichi used an unpainted wood cane. It would have been too down-to-earth and might have made the film too much of a heart-warming story about ordinary townspeople.