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Ingstad BC – Åsnes ski

Ingstad has a insert for X-skin installation. A unique solution for installation of climbing skins in the center of the ski. We recommend a 58mm X-skin for this model in Mohair or Nylon. Helge Ingstad was known as Trapper, Polar Hero, Scientist, and as Governor of Greenland and Svalbard.

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I regularly use a universal rub on ski wax that is relevant to the temperature trend of the day. This way, you can also wax your skis or board. Sometimes I will carry skin wax as well. I carry my skin kit (waxes & sharp plastic scraper) in a ziplock bag on all my backcountry outings. I also use liquid skin wax a couple of times a year.

Sondre BC – Åsnes ski

Åsnes Sondre is a lightweight and affordable mountain ski with skin lock. This mountain ski has a full steel edge, moderate wax Pocket and a 12-mm side cut. Distinguish a softer ski compared to Amundsen. Sondre is suitable for lightweight skiers and beginners.

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To classic ski, buy good quality “skin” skis (read Waxable vs Waxless for more info). You’ll never need kick wax. For glide waxing, bring them to your local Nordic store and pay the pros to do it for you.

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Pre-heat your wax iron to typical wax-melting temperature, between 130˚C and 140˚C (248˚F – 284˚F), and iron the surface of the skin just like you’d iron wax into your ski bases. Iron from tip to tail only and keep the iron moving at all times, at a speed of about 1-2 inches per second.

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Ski wax works by manipulating the thin layer of water that forms thanks to the friction between your skis and the snow. Glide wax reduces friction so your ski can glide more smoothly. There are three types of friction to consider based on the snow conditions.

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Oct 03, 2016 · The easy-skin design should offer better glide due to the seamless transition of the skin to the base- with the attachment mechanism up on top of the ski. There is no attachment piece exposed on the base with the easy-skin.

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Apr 09, 2018 · The Easy-Skin has a plastic tab fastened to the tip of the skin that slides completely through the ski, and clips into a locking cleat on top of the ski deck. It reminds me of a locking cleat on a sailboat- simple, functional and effective.

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Use: Removes surface dust and old wax. Conditions the base for hot waxing. WinkWax PreWax & Cleaner Paste is a paste that can easily clean your skis or snowboards. Unique formula to remove old wax and dirt residue ‘Maximize your time on the snow’ – Quick and easy-to apply-on paste for cleaning skis/snowboards and replaces old wax.


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Whichever form of wax you choose, your ski base is actually meant to absorb the wax, drawing it inward like a plasticky sponge. Ski bases are porous, being endowed at the factory press with microscopic holes. The aim is not to ski on a visible layer of wax, rather to ski on a wax-impregnated base.