‘The Gifted’ Star Stephen Moyer on ‘X-Men’ Timeline Place

‘The Gifted’ Star Stephen Moyer on ‘X-Men’ Timeline Place

The X-Men franchise timeline isn’t getting any simpler, and certainly not by the addition of FOX mutant drama The Gifted. Allow series star Stephen Moyer to clarify, as the Bryan Singer-directed

The Gifted Star Clarifies Show’s X-Men Timeline

As Moyer explained, the large number of recognizable characters from the X-Men lore gives the different properties – including The Gifted – a wide net of inspiration.

The Gifted: Anna Paquin Unlikely to Cameo | ScreenRant

Paquin, who played Rogue in the X-Men movie franchise and is married to the show’s star, Stephen Moyer, says a cameo from her would be «distracting.» Created by Matt Nix, The Gifted is a FOX TV series based in the X-Men universe.

‘The Gifted’: 10 Things We Just Learned About the Newest

Stephen Moyer’s character may very well be the most interesting one in the whole series Stephen Moyer in The Gifted | FOX Stephen Moyer’s role as Reed Strucker is intriguing for a couple reasons.

What ‘The Gifted’ Star Stephen Moyer Learned About X-Men

Stephen Moyer: Yeah, there’s such a never-ending resource. It was extraordinary. It was extraordinary. Yeah, that [Marvel Unlimited] app’s amazing, so that was a lot of fun, getting to know the world.

‘The Gifted’: Stephen Moyer On Reed Possibly Being A Mutant

The Gifted star Stephen Moyer talks about his character potentially being a mutant, Stan Lee’s cameo and where the show fits in with the X-Men films.

X-Men Timeline: When Does The Gifted Take Place

The X-Men Cinematic Universe has been anything but simple. The timelines are all messed up thanks to conflicting performances, actors, and time travel. Much like the X-Men comics, the live action movies and TV shows deal with multiple timelines as well as alternate realities. Fox is really striving to create wholly unique X-Men content, acknowledging where the franchise seems to be successful.

The Gifted season 2 cut scenes of «children held in cages

The Gifted star Stephen Moyer has reflected on the similarities between the X-Men spin-off and real life, sharing that there was one scene in particular in season two that was cut for being «too

Fox’s The Gifted Won’t Be Initially Related To X-Men Movies

In an interview with eTalk, “The Gifted” star Stephen Moyer (Reed Strucker) will be doing what “Legion” did—at least for now. Moyer also revealed how the show will take on its first run and when it will fit in the vast “X-Men” continuity.

The Gifted (U.S. TV series) – Wikipedia

The series received a put pilot commitment at Fox after a previous attempted X-Men television series did not move forward at the network in 2016; The Gifted was ordered to series in May 2017. The Gifted ‘ s first season aired from October 2, 2017, to January 15, 2018, and consisted of 13 episodes.

No. of episodes: 17 (list of episodes)

The Gifted cast preview «street level» X-Men spin-off and

The X-Men screen franchise expands tonight, adding new FOX series The Gifted to its ranks. Set in a universe where Xavier’s school has «been dismantled» and mutants have gone underground, The