How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes (and 21 Pairs We Love!)

How to Care for Patent Leather Shoes (and 21 Pairs We Love!)

But you’ve got to be sure to care for them. While it might seem so, patent leather is NOT waterproof. It’s actually a coated leather, so don’t wear them in those spring showers that are imminent.

How To Care For Patent Leather Shoes

Most of the time, patent leather has a smooth glossy finish, but it is also able to be embossed in different textures. Patent leather is most commonly used for belts, dress shoes and purses. 4 Simple Steps To Care For Patent Leather Shoes Patent leather cares differs a bit from standard leather.

The Best Way to Wear and Care for Patent Leather Shoes

If the uppers of your shoes or boots mostly have a patent finish, try adding a patent belt and patent bag for a hot, retro mod look. If you prefer a look that’s a bit more subtle, shop for footwear that has a fabric, matte or suede finish, with patent leather accents or details.

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This glossy shiny leather is regular leather coated with lacquer. This special finish requires different care than regular non-patent leather. Cleaning and Removing Stains. There are 4 household items that can be used for patent leather care. Please do NOT use these products on other types of materials or leathers. They are strictly intended for patent leather. As with all tutorials, use caution and test a very small …

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Wash your patent-leather shoes with ordinary soap and water. Swab the shoes with a soft, damp cloth. Rub a bit of liquid soap across the surface of the shoes, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth or paper towel. Shine your shoes once they have dried by rubbing on a bit of mineral oil or petroleum jelly.

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Nettoyer apply the saphir vernis rife patent leather cleaner how to care for patent leather shoes buff the patent leather cleaner to a high shine using cotton chamois

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Oct 17, 2004 · "Patent" leather has its name because it is a patented invention. It is leather (in the best case) or some synthetic material (in the case of many cheap formal shoes and probably on athletic shoes) that has a synthetic finish put over the top of it to give a glossy surface.

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Mar 20, 2018 · Whether you go all out in a luxe patent leather trench or opt for a pair of high-shine boots, be sure to take the fashion pack’s cue and incorporate the lustrous material into your wardrobe this

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Tip: Be sure not to use a brush to apply patent leather cream to your shoes. Brushes can damage the shiny outer layer. How can I care for patent leather shoes on a day-to-day basis? Many commercial products have been developed for daily upkeep. After cleaning your patent leather shoes of debris (see above), dab a little product on a cloth and use it per instructions.

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Restore the shine of the patent leather with petroleum jelly. Put about one tsp. of petroleum jelly on a clean, soft cloth. Use the cloth to apply the petroleum jelly to the surface of the leather.

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