‘Glass hair’ is the latest celebrity hair trend you’ve been seeing everywhere

Glass Hair Is the Shiny New Trend Celebrities Are Obsessed

The shiny, blunt lobs you’ve been seeing every celebrity rock this year — it’s a bonafide trend. Glass hair is all about glossy, smooth texture, and it’s taking over Instagram.

Glass Hair Is a New Instagram Trend You’re About to See

Glass hair is shiny, smooth, reflective, and gorgeous, just like a freshly cut piece of glass. Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Hailey Baldwin, and Jenna Dewan have gotten in on the trend, so

‘Glass Hair’ Is the Instagram Trend You’re About to See

And while we’ve watched virtually every major celebrity in Hollywood chop off their hair into an itsy-bitsy bob and/or dye it blonde, we are now witnessing the birth of a very new trend: glass hair.

«Glass Hair» Is The Latest Celebrity Trend You’ll Want To Try

«Glass Hair» Is The Latest Celebrity Trend To Try . Thatiana Diaz. So you finally got the cut you’ve been coveting for what seems like forever, but about three months into your new ‘do, you

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Try the glass hair trend. This look adds a modern twist to your favorite ‘90s-inspired bob by giving it a shiny, reflective finish. This look adds a modern twist to your favorite ‘90s-inspired bob by giving it a shiny, reflective finish.

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Glass Hair is the trend that’s exactly what it sounds like: hair that’s so shiny and sharp it looks like a piece of, well, glass. The new take on the blunt bob, this style is glossed to perfection and has been seen all over Hollywood. “We’re seeing glass hair everywhere right now, with celebrities like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Olivia

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Like glass skin, the aim of glass hair is to create ultra-smooth hair that resembles a sheet of glass. The treatment is available at Chez Vous Hair Salon, located at Ngee Ann City.

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Celebrity stylist Chad Wood agrees that the bob trend is going strong for fall. «I love how versatile a bob can be and how you can totally transform it for each face shape,» Wood explains.

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3 days ago · It was nice seeing my hair sleek and straight for once. I was pleasantly surprised by how healthy my hair looked after all the heat styling. Now that you’ve got all the steps, it’s time try out

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Whether you’re looking to make a hair color change, switch up how you style your strands, or need an entirely new cut, we’ve rounded up the six trends you’ll still see everywhere throughout 2018.

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Burgundy Hair Is the Prettiest Fall Hair Trend You Need to Try ASAP. It’s like a glass of wine for your hair.

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Hair Color Trends to Try in Fall 2018 Beauty Jovana A – September 29, 2018 As the summer approaches its end, many of us want to change something in our appearance and start the new season fresh.

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