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这桌行不? put the knife n fork diagonally 对角 further side of the plate 盘子外侧 place the sharp side in 刀刃向里 whet the appetite 开胃,吊胃口 shredded chicken 鸡丝 i’ll leave the choice to you 你来定 gravy 跪肉汁 to dine with friends 和朋友吃饭 hospitality 殷勤,好客 hospitable 殷勤的,好客的 bon


能力competency n. 胜任,资格,能力competent a.有能力的;应该做的competition n.竞争,比赛competitive a.竞争的,比赛的competitivemechanism 竞争机制competitiveness n. 竞争能力competitor n.竞争者,敌手compilation n. 编辑compile vt.编辑,编制,搜集compiler n.


(整理编辑的工作停停走走也花了一年的时间) 有时辞典出的一些解释过于繁杂,甚或过时,我会留个最简洁的、美剧中最常见义释以供参考。 整理这些词汇的时候,剧中的场景就会随之浮现,比如:wallflower 让我马上想到TBBT

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1. 滙丰ADR急弹 聚焦今公布季绩 [香港经济日报] 2014-05-07 要闻, A02 2. IPO最快下周重启 A股上升乏力 [香港经济日报] 2014-05-07 要闻, A06 3. 母A

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Molyneux agreed it was better for HKEx to err on the conservative side. «As the Hong Kong market evolves, it is better not to jump from one extreme to the other,» he said. «We don’t want to be like London’s AIM, where you basically can list without any resources and not much disclosure, which is more like a casino.»