Use maven-assembly-plugin goal «single» instead of «attached» by alexhenrie · Pull Request

Use maven-assembly-plugin goal «single» instead of

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use basepath in maven-assembly-plugin config by blbradley

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Apache Maven Assembly Plugin – assembly:attached

NOTE: This goal should ONLY be run from the command line, and if building a multimodule project it should be used from the root POM. Use the assembly:single goal …

Maven – Users – Maven assembly single goal not works.

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maven-assembly-plugin: How to use appendAssemblyId

Let’s recap. A Maven project that is not of type pom will always produce, by default, what is called a main artifact. For a JAR, this artifact is the result of packaging the compiled sources into a JAR; for a WAR, it is the result of building the web-application.

Apache Maven Assembly Plugin – Plugin Documentation

This goal is suitable either for binding to the lifecycle or calling directly from the command line (provided all required files are available before the build starts, or are produced by another goal specified before this one on the command line).

Multi-module maven dependency using repository, not local

Apart from that you have configured to use the jar goal of maven-source-plugin which forkes the life cycle which means to start some parts from the beginning. The best to remove the forked life cycle goal .

[FALCON-2016] maven assembly:single fails on MacOS – ASF JIRA

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Maven Assembly Plugin Example – Java Honk

Maven Assembly Plugin Example Posted on October 2015 by Java Honk Handling build with maven is easy task where just you need to add dependencies in your pom.xml. Apart from this maven provides many more advance feature which can be use based on your project requirement.

Maven – Users – assembly plugin broken going from 2.2.1 to

assembly plugin broken going from 2.2.1 to 3.0.2 I’ve switched to Maven 3.0.2in an attempt to get a working release plugin but now the assembly plugin is not working. I can ‘clean install’ my multi-module project fine with 2.2.1.