Dr. Ruth explains why morning sex is just the best

Dr. Ruth explains why morning sex is just the best – Los

Feb 02, 2017 · Dr. Ruth says a good night’s sleep can lead to an even better morning. (FangXiaNuo / Getty Images) Dr. Ruth Westheimer is, at a sprightly 88, still doling out her take on love and loving.

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Dr. Ruth Weighs in on “50 Shades of Grey” Dr. Ruth explains how this book proves her point about women’s libido. Plus, find out one of the most common complaints women have about their sex lives.

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At 86, Dr. Ruth Westheimer proudly announces that she goes out every night. Maybe that explains why so many people seem to have a story about meeting the gregarious sex therapist.

Dr. Ruth On Why Couples Over 50 Should Have A Lot More

Feb 10, 2015 · «Men and women at a certain age should not engage in sex in the evening, when they are tired, but in the mornings, when they feel fresh,» Dr. Ruth said.

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Sex Advice for New Parents Dr. Ruth explains that not all women are comfortable having sex with their infant in the room. «There are some women who are so tuned into that little thing there that might cry, or they even believe that it might watch, that maybe it’s difficult to have an orgasm,» Dr. Ruth says.

Dr. Ruth Says Couples Over 50 Need To Get Busy In The

Dr. Ruth points out that a morning session on Valentine’s Day could be just the ticket to get that holiday off on a good foot and take away the pressure of a “perfect” romantic evening.

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Available, for example, are Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex, videos for Playboy, and 21 books, advice on everything from making love to going off to college, Dr. Ruth explaining where babies come from

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Dr Ruth, our erotic Jewish fairy godmother, says we should not take this standing up. The legendary sex scientist took to Twitter today to remind us that taking time for sex is a civic duty.

Dr. Ruth says some frank things about aging and sex – The

The only difference today is that Dr. Ruth does it on her YouTube channel, Web site and Twitter feed. She has written 39 books, including “ Sex for Dummies ” and is at work on a new one.