Dimension 404 Trailer: Hulu’s Own Black Mirror

Dimension 404 Trailer: Hulu’s Own Black Mirror | ScreenRant

The trailer for Hulu’s new sci-fi anthology series Dimension 404 promises viewers some truly weird stuff in the vein of Black Mirror.

Actually, ‘Dimension 404’ isn’t ‘Black Mirror.’ It’s

Apr 05, 2017 · When the trailer dropped for Hulu’s new series Dimension 404, made by web content studio RocketJump, you could have been forgiven for picking up a very Black Mirror vibe. Like Black Mirror

Hulu’s «Dimension 404» Looks Like a Weird «Black Mirror

If you’re a fan of “Black Mirror”, now a Netflix series, the bizarre side of technology is the focus of Hulu’s original series “Dimension 404”. We have the first trailer from the new

Review: Hulu’s ‘Dimension 404’ Is No ‘Black Mirror’ – The

Before its release, the new Hulu show Dimension 404 was broadly likened to the speculative anthology series Black Mirror, which, it turns out, is a bit like comparing The Twilight Zone to Are You

What’s the Better Binge?: Hulu’s ‘Dimension 404’ vs

Dimension 404 doesn’t plumb close to the depths that Black Mirror does, choosing instead to go for lighthearted fantasy with face-sucking aliens, cartoon superheroes come to life and other campy B

Here’s the Trailer for ‘Dimension 404,’ Which Is, Uh – GQ

It’s almost incredibly bold in its existence. Black Mirror isn’t a perfect show by any means, but its performances and world building, episode to episode, are close to perfect. Dimension 404

Hulu’s new show ‘Dimension 404’ looks a lot like ‘Black

Get ready to enter the darkest depths of cyberspace in a show that looks very much like America’s answer to the British hit Black Mirror. Late Wednesday, Hulu dropped the trailer for its new series Dimension 404 — a show that explores «the wonders and horrors of our digital age» in six

‘Dimension 404’ Is Millennial ‘Black Mirror’ Meets B

Concept-wise, Dimension 404 borrows heavily from The Twilight Zone and Black Mirror. Each 45-minute long episode dives into another mystery of “Dimension 404” — the modern day and tech savvy

Hulu’s ‘Dimension 404’ Trailer Brings the Fright and Camp · TV

The show may hit a little too close to Black Mirror territory. However, Dimension 404 looks like it’s bringing much more popcorn fun and camp akin to an 80s sci-fi/horror flick than the hit British series.

The Trailer And Initial Details For Hulu’s ‘Dimension 404

Mar 29, 2017 · While shows like ‘American Horror Story’ have made season-long anthology series popular, we know that ‘Black Mirror’ has proven that episodic anthology shows are still a …