Who Has a Right to Pain Relief?

Who Has a Right to Pain Relief? – The Atlantic

The pain of the fetus and the pain of the taxpayer mattered most; the addict’s pain was suspect, the housewife’s pain imagined, the disabled worker’s pain symptomatic of a weak society

Access to Pain Treatment as a Human Right

Background: Almost five decades ago, governments around the world adopted the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs which, in addition to addressing the control of illicit narcotics, obligated countries to work towards universal access to the narcotic drugs necessary to alleviate pain and suffering.

Pain Patients Rights To Treatment – fmcpaware.org

The NFMCPA strongly admonishes the FDA, DEA, HHS, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy to preserve the right to pain relief medications by legitimate chronic pain patients as well as protect the sacrosanct relationship between a doctor and her patient in their handling of the concerning addiction (of all illicit substances) issues.

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Pain is also a problem of representation and trust, of rights and responsibilities, and a source of tension between individual and community. Perhaps not surprisingly, efforts to manage it give rise to a chronic American condition: an intimate, unknowable experience co-opted by special interests. Pain, in …

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Right to Pain Relief The most persuasive evidence before the court was the scientific studies indicating that much of the demand for assisted suicide is driven by patients with inadequate pain relief and depression, with the depression complicated by the pain.

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Feb 24, 2014 · Pain Relief Is a Human Right Palliative care is a human right, a basic value of human culture. We may not be able to save everyone’s life, but we certainly can ease their pain.

Access to Pain Management—Still Very Much a Human Right

The right of all people with pain to have access to appropriate assessment and treatment of the pain by adequately trained health care professionals. The declaration indicated the third element has both a legal foundation and a clear medical content.


Access to pain treatment as a human right – WHO

pain, even among individuals being treated for HIV infection [19-22]. Pain treatment is also related to gen-der, as HIV-infected women with pain are twice as likely to be under-treated as their male counterparts [21]. Pain has a profound impact on the quality of life and can have physical, psychological and social conse-quences.

Published in: BMC Medicine · 2010Authors: Diederik Lohman · Rebecca Schleifer · Joseph J AmonAffiliation: Human Rights WatchAbout: Universal design · Human rights · Morphine

Pain Management: A Fundamental Human Right

Pain Relief as an International Human Right. One response to the under-treatment of pain has been to promote the concept that pain relief is a public health issue of such critical importance as to constitute an international imperative and fundamental human right (69,91,115–119). There is …

Pain Relief: a Human Right | Human Rights Watch

Pain relief as a part of palliative care is an effective and relatively low-cost health service aimed at improving patients’ quality of life.

Pain Relief as a Human Right – IASP

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