Urban Dictionary: leeroy jenkins

Urban Dictionary: leeroy jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins is defined as a soldier or person to engage in a conflict so as to inspire his fellow soldiers or friends to join in the fray regardless of circumstances or odds of survival.

Urban Dictionary: Leeroy

The most intelligent, sensitive, loving, and funny men in the world are named LeeRoy. They demonstrate an intact ego, and usually are self deprecating. The sexiest men alive are all named LeeRoy. Men named LeeRoy usually find a soul mate that makes them more fulfilled than they ever thought possible.

Urban Dictionary: The Leeroy Jenkins

When you and your partner discuss at long the intentions of your sexual persuits right before you make love. Then at the last second the male abandons all this and screams, «Leeroy Jenkins!» and just penetrates and goes to town.

Urban Dictionary: Leeroy Onomonopoeia Jenkins

A talking raccoon skull named after the legendary hero of World Of Warcraft.When Sheep Hager found the skull one night, he made it talk by lifting up the top part of its skull like puppet.After about an hour,Sheep’s cousin’s girlfriend Julie named him Leeroy Jenkins,Sheep then added the Onomonopoeia to distiguish the 2 different Leeroy Jenkins.The next day an aparatus was made by Sheep,his

Urban Dictionary: leroy jenkins

A now popular (April/May 2005) mantra used by people online. Usually before running into a large crowd of enemies in Online Role Playing Games. Named after a vidoe made in World of Warcraft where a guy runs into a huge crowd of creatures yelling «Leeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins!»

Urban Dictionary: Leeroy Jenkins to Lee Treatment

Leeroy Jenkins to Lee Treatment. Leeroy Jenkins; Leeroy Le Gallais; Leeroy Onomonopoeia Jenkins; leeroy pains; Leeroy Sykes

What does Leeroy Jenkins mean in Urban Dictionary?

Leeroy Jenkins- Doing it Leeroy Jenkins Design. Indicating to accomplish anything so bloody wild that youll be discussed for months since it had been bloody insane. by Duncan Mallory Report definition

Urban Dictionary: Leeroy Le Gallais

The terms «a Leeroy», «doing a Leeroy» and «to be a bit of a Leeroy» etc, are easily confused with Leeroy Jenkins (who became infamous from World Of Warcraft for leaping headfirst into a situation regardless of strategy), hense the use of the full term «Leeroy Le Gallais».

What does Jenkins mean in Urban Dictionary?

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What does Leeroy Onomonopoeia Jenkins mean in Urban

What does Leeroy Onomonopoeia Jenkins mean in Urban Dictionary?: A talking raccoon head named following the popular hero of realm of Warcraft.whenever …

Urban Dictionary: Leemuua to Lee’s Summit North

Leemuua to Lee’s Summit North. Leemuua; leemy; Lee Myung Bak; Leen; Leena; Leenah; Leenalicious; LeenaMemon; Leena Park

What does Leeroy Le Gallais mean in Urban Dictionary?

November 13, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page A «Leeroy» or more particularly a «Leeroy Le Gallais» is an insult meaning «somebody who has intercourse with ponies».

What does Pulling a Leeroy mean in Urban Dictionary?

September 29, 2018 Urban Dictionary Link to this page called after Leeroy Jenkins, Pulling a Leeroy is when you will do anything hilarious and outrageous, frequently to annoy other folks.

What does Lukewarm Leeroy mean in Urban Dictionary?

this can be a sexual maneuver concerning feces, appropriate planning, and part of shock. Under could be the complete information of simple tips to perform a Lukewarm Leeroy.1.