Urban Dictionary: King magazine

Urban Dictionary: King magazine

A men’s magazine targeted at Black men ages 18-35. What the magazine features is beyond me but I know this for a fact: There are more half-naked women in that magazine than in the Holocaust. Go to any apartment or house inhabited by Black men who thrive off of mainstream rap culture, are wannabe thugs or real scary thugs, misogynist, wannabe rappers or sex addictsand I bet you, there would

Urban Dictionary: King

A term used by wifey to her man letting him know he is the only one for her, her rock, her ruler, the owner of her heart mind and body. Wifey will always respect her King, and treat him the way a king …

Urban Dictionary: King

Drinking game that centers itself around someone pulling the 4th king. 2 or more people. The larger the group the better, each person sits around and takes 1 card at a time. Each card, someone has to drink something, cards will be listed in the example.If you pull a king, you must poor a portion of the drink you are drinking into the «Center Cup», the person who pulls the 4th king has to drink

Urban Dictionary: The King

A man dressed as a king that breaks into your house at night and gets into your bed. When you wake up he will be in your bed with you to offer you breakfast.

Urban Dictionary: King Louis XVI

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What does King magazine mean in Urban Dictionary?

A men’s magazine geared towards Black guys many years 18-35. Exactly what the magazine features is beyond myself but I know this for an undeniable fact: There are more half-naked feamales in that mag compared to the Holocaust.

Urban Dictionary: King

An old school character from the Tekken series, he has been in every single one. It’s that guy wearing a Jaguar Mask. He is a wrestler and is inspired by the Mexican …

Urban Dictionary: King

1. A male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom. 2. A competitor who holds a preeminent position. 3. A very wealthy or powerful businessman. 4. One of the four playing cards in a deck bearing the picture of a king.

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An unreasonably thrifty person. (Flint is a semiprecious mineral a relative of quartz, and the notion that the greediest person would keep flint shavings for economy).

What does king mean in Urban Dictionary?

1. A male sovereign; ruler of a kingdom.2. A competitor which keeps a preeminent position.3. A very rich or effective businessman.4. One of the four handmade cards in a deck bearing the picture of a king.5.