Katy Perry’s Roar Lyric Video Is an Emoji Dream; Critics Compare Song to Sara Bareilles Brave

Katy Perry’s «Roar» Lyric Video Is an Emoji Dream; Critics

As cute and catchy as Katy’s new song might be, some critics find it a little too similar to Sara Bareilles’ you-can-do-it anthem «Brave.»Sara’s lyrics are encouraging, telling the listener to

Katy Perry’s «Roar» Lyric Video Is an Emoji Dream; Critics

Ms. Perry was, like the rest of us, inspired by the theme and spirit of «Brave.» But while «Roar» and Sara’s song both have an empowering message, there are a lot of songs created in the same vein.

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Just days after “Roar” leaked online, plagiarism allegations have already surfaced. Critics of Katy Perry’s latest accuse it of sounding very similar to Sara Bareille’s “Brave.” From the beat, to the vocal and instrumental arrangements, and the hook, the two tracks sound too identical for Bareilles’ fans.

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Yes, Roar and Brave have similar chord progressions — but so do half the pop songs in history. The fact you can overlay two songs doesn’t mean they’re the same. It just means they mash-up nicely .

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A lyric video was released depicting Perry texting the lyrics of the song to her friends, while also substituting some words for emoji icons. Producer Dillon Francis accused the Californian singer of copying on her clip.

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Brave and Roar are lead singles from Sara Bareilles’ and Katy Perry’s respective fourth albums. Both artists were born and raised in California and have expressed mutual admiration. Brave was co-written by Bareilles and Jack Antonoff of the group fun, and released April 23, 2013.

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Aug 12, 2013 · Song Roar; Artist Katy Perry; Writers Łukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Cirkut, Bonnie McKee, Katy Perry Mix – Katy Perry – Roar (Lyric Video) YouTube; Katy Perry – Roar (Official) – Duration: 4:30.

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Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Lyric Video Shows An Emoji-Filled Text

Aug 12, 2013 · Katy Perry released the lyric video to her new single «Roar» on Monday morning. The song, which leaked over the weekend, is the first cut off of Perry…

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Grady Hall and Mark Kudsi directed the song’s music video, which features Perry trying to adapt to the jungle where she survived a plane crash, and taming a tiger. It garnered generally mixed reviews from music critics. «Roar» was nominated for Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.

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Oct 04, 2014 · Song Roar; Artist Katy Perry; Writers Łukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Cirkut, Bonnie McKee, Katy Perry; Licensed to YouTube by Firework – Katy Perry (Lyrics) – Duration: 3:54.

Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ Sounds A Lot Like Sara Bareilles’ ‘Brave’

Aug 12, 2013 · After the release of Perry’s new single «Roar» on Saturday, many fans noted similarities between the track and Bareilles’ recent hit, «Brave.» ( Listen to a mashup of the songs here .)