Ford Shuts Down Mercury Brand

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Ford announced this afternoon that the automaker is shutting down its 71-year-old Mercury brand to focus more on its mass market Ford models and high-end Lincoln brand. Check out what other bygone

Official: Ford Shuts Down Mercury Brand, Lincoln Will Get

Confirming what we learned earlier from our sources, Ford will terminate its Mercury brand this year, with production to end in the fourth quarter of this year.

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Ford is preparing the ground work for putting an end to the Mercury brand. According to the report, Ford executives will be presenting a proposal to the company’s directors in July to shut down

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Could another storied American carmaker be shutting down? The Los Angeles Times reports, «Speculation is mounting that Ford Motor Co., preoccupied with reviving its Ford and Lincoln brands, might decide to retire the Mercury nameplate rather than spend scarce resources

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Ford’s Mercury brand might be heading for the chopping block. Bloomberg , citing unnamed sources within the company, says that Ford Motor Co. is planning to shut down its Mercury brand.

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Jun 03, 2010 · «Ford to shut down iconic car brand The automaker will stop production of the 72-year-old Mercury brand by the end of 2010.» That was the headline on Yahoo’s news home page yesterday along with this picture.

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You may have driven a Ford lately, but probably not a Mercury. Mercury sales are down 74 percent over the last decade, and reports say Ford plans to close down the Mercury brand. Brett Neely reports.

Ford may shut down Mercury division by the end of this

Ford announced today that it is planning to shut down its Mercury production by the fourth quarter of 2010. Its plan to concentrate on the Lincoln brand instead with …

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The Mercury brand, rumored to be on the verge of death several times over the past decade, would be shut down under a plan being prepared for Ford Motor Co.’s board of directors, Bloomberg News

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After a 70-year run, Ford will be closing the doors on its Mercury Brand. “According to two people close to the situation, Ford is winding down the Mercury brand for good,” writes Edmunds Inside Line. “With sales down 74% since 2000 and [Ford CEO] Alan Mulally’s refusal to grant Mercury

Ford Confirms Shutdown of Mercury Brand; Final Production

In contrast, the Ford brand has gained 2.2 percentage points of U.S. market share so far this year. «The gains that Ford has made just this year amounts to twice Mercury’s market share,» Fields noted.