Brazil Cancels «Happy to be a Prostitute» Ad

Brazil Cancels «Happy to be a Prostitute» Ad – ABC News

On Sunday, the «happy to be a prostitute,» ad had been posted on the DST-AIDS department’s Facebook page, and website.

Happy Prostitute Ads? Brazil Pulls ‘I’m Happy Being a

Prostitution is legal in Brazil and many young men and women enter the industry due to extreme poverty. The goal of the «Happy Prostitute» was to reduce prejudice against prostitution, according to the BBC. Prostitution is expected to increase in Brazil as the country prepares for the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.

Brazil cancels ‘happy prostitute’ campaign –

Brazil cancels ‘happy prostitute’ campaign. Brazil has cancelled a campaign promoting safe sex following an outcry from conservatives.

Brazil’s «I’m Happy Being A Prostitute» Ads – Business Insider

Ad In Brazil, not only is prostitution legal, it even has its own holiday.. To celebrate «The International Day of the Prostitute,» the Brazilian government launched a campaign in which various

OMG, is there a controversy here!?: Brazil’s «I’m Happy to

Brazil’s “I’m Happy to be a Prostitute” Ads Causing A Stir!! » Posted By Igor On Monday, May 26, 2014 | category: Politicious | 0 comments There are far more awful things to get worked up about than a bunch of Brazilian GILFs that just wanna bone for a living — but folks in Brazil are apparently up in arms about these advertisements supporting their trade.

‘Happy Prostitute’ Ad Campaign Dropped By Brazil Health

The Brazilian Health Ministry has dropped ads describing a «Happy Prostitute» after receiving backlash and criticism for promoting and glamorizing prostitution. The ad was meant to be a part of a

Brazil pulls ‘Happy Prostitute’ ad after complaints –

The Brazilian Health Ministry has pulled an ad campaign titled «I’m happy being a prostitute,» following complaints after the spot’s online trial.

Brazil Rethinks Their ‘Happy Prostitute’ Ad

The current prostitute campaign will still focus on safe sex, demonstrated by the “Not ashamed of using a condom” slogan. This is probably more in keeping with the current sex tourism climate anyway than happy prostitutes. In recent years sex tourism has increased dramatically in Brazil.

Brazil drops ‘happy prostitute’ Aids campaign – BBC News

Brazil has experienced a boom in sex tourism in recent years. With widespread poverty in the country, many boys and girls enter prostitution at a very young age.

Brazil drops adverts celebrating prostitutes featuring

Brazil drops ‘happy being a prostitute’ ad campaign Share or comment on this article: Brazil drops adverts celebrating prostitutes featuring pictures of women next to the phrase ‘Happy being a

‘I’m happy being a prostitute’ slogan dropped by Brazil’s

A sex worker during an English lesson in Brazil (Picture: AFP/Getty) The slogan ‘I’m happy being a prostitute’ has been dropped from a campaign by the Brazilian health ministry.

Happy Prostitute Ads Cause Controversy in Brazil, Plus

Because an online ad campaign titled «I’m Happy Being a Prostitute,»—which encourages condom usage and attempted to reduce the stigma of legalized prostitution—generated backlash that the ads

Brazil’s ‘Happy Prostitute’ Slogan Gets a Chilly Reception

Jun 06, 2013 · The “happy prostitute” slogan was derided by Evangelicals legislators who saw it as glorifying sex work. Although adult prostitution is legal, the South American nation has a growing problem with child prostitution, which is prohibited.

«Happy Prostitute» Ads Backfire In Brazil – WebProNews

“Across Brazil, lots of businesses in the private sector are getting prepared and making their workers more qualified for the Cup. Well, this is a profession, too,” Cida Vieira, the …