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Mar 14, 2016 · By Max Nicholson. Hardcore Henry is a first-person shooter come to life.. If that last sentence didn’t pique your interest, then writer-director Ilya Naishuller’s new movie probably isn’t for …


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Critic Consensus: Hardcore Henry seems poised to reinvent the action flick, but without a story or characters worth caring about, its first-person gimmick quickly loses its thrill.


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Apr 08, 2016 · Still, there’s a lot of Copley in «Hardcore Henry» since Jimmy plays Henry’s guide to a video-game-like world of senseless violence. Ultimately, there’s no time or reason to question what motivates actions in «Hardcore Henry,» not when almost every scene boils down to action verbs: running, jumping, stabbing, etc.


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Apr 08, 2016 · Extrimly fu**ing awasome Why you should definitely go to Hardcore Henry: 1. This is the best action movie of the year, and probably in general. This is the best action movie of the year, and probably in general.


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Hardcore Henry, like 10 Cloverfield Lane, is a big 2016 sci-fi directorial debut. But where Cloverfield portrayed a confident greatness beyond its filmmaker’s experience, Henry opts to obnoxiously rely on being «different» rather than being good.

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Watching Hardcore Henry is a lot like watching someone play a first-person shooter for two hours, without the added entertainment value of a Let’s Play video. Full Review Javier Ocaña El Pais (Spain)

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Hardcore Henry, like porn, is designed to do nothing more than titillate the senses: visually incoherent, a choppy mess from start to finish, this minimally scripted and psychotically shot horror

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[This is a re-post of my Hardcore Henry review from the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The movie opens in limited release this weekend.] A little over two years ago, the music video for

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Apr 06, 2016 · You could see «Hardcore Henry.» Or you could gulp vodka, load in «Grand Theft Auto,» strap the TV to your face and fall down the stairs.

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Apr 07, 2016 · Hardcore Henry review First-person shooter: The Movie. Jon Hamblin. Contributor. One hot summer’s day as a young teen, I casually sauntered into our local computer shop. Sat in …


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Hardcore Henry (Russian: Хардкор; also known simply as Hardcore in some countries) is a 2015 Russian-American science fiction action film written and directed by Ilya Naishuller, and produced by Timur Bekmambetov, Naishuller, Inga Vainshtein Smith and Ekaterina Kononenko. Will Stewart provided additional writing for the film.

Produced by: Timur Bekmambetov, Inga Vainshtein Smith, Ilya Naishuller, Ekaterina Kononenko

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Parents need to know that Hardcore Henry is an action film that plays out like a first-person-shooter video game. Filmed entirely from a first-person perspective, it’s kinetic, stylish, dizzying, and extremely violent. There are hundreds of dead bodies, gallons of blood, shooting, stabbing, fighting, impaled bodies, severed body parts