Is it worth buying a Razer Nostromo/ Logitech G13/ Belkin n52te specifically for GW2?

Is it worth buying a Razer Nostromo/ Logitech G13/ Belkin

Jun 05, 2012 · Is it worth buying a Razer Nostromo/ Logitech G13/ Belkin n52te specifically for GW2? Gamepads look quite convenient for an action-oriented game like GW2, but I’m not sure if it’s worth buying one specifically for it.

Razer Nostromo questions Aug 17, 2012
Logitech G13 vs Razer Nostromo May 29, 2012

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Is it worth buying a Razer Nostromo/ Logitech G13/ Belkin

Aug 22, 2012 · Something worth noting is that g13 and nostromo are meant for games with more binds then normal keyboard easily allows for with wasd layout. GW2 is not one of those games because of low total amount of skills and other buttons needed to play the game.

Belkin N52te to Logitech G13 or? : Guildwars2

I will miss the D-Pad on the N52te/Nostromo. I have heard of modding the G13 to replace the thumbstick that feels like a Xbox 360 thumbstick, but really wonder if that’s a worthy effort. The Razer Orbweaver looks tempting, but for the price and build quality of Razer products it doesn’t seem worth it right now..

Top responsesRedditI use a G13 for all MMOs now, and it really is hard to go back to just a keyboard. Makes it easier to get my layout consistent across multiple games without … read more3 votesBro I have the g13 and omg it is so much better. It just makes things so easy with hand placement. I don’t macro with it but just over all ease of use makes this … read more3 votesHow can you use so little keys? I got mine a couple of years ago and was very excited but haven’t really used it because I need more keys than there is :/1 voteKind of related. I have an N52 but could never find a comfortable setup for it. May I ask how you had it setup? I’d really love to get some use out of it. Using a … read more1 voteI prefer the Razer Nostromo, it seems to have a flatter/wider base to prevent rocking1 voteI could not live without my G13 in MMO’s at this point.1 voteSee all

Logitech G13 in GW2 : Guildwars2 – reddit

Logitech G13 in GW2 (self.Guildwars2) submitted 6 years ago by mq2thez So, thanks to information I got in this thread in /r/gamingsuggestions , I’ve just purchased a Logitech G13 gaming pad for use with GW2.

Top responsesRedditIs there any reason you’d need something like that? I was under the impression one of the more interesting aspects of GW was the limited number of abilities … read more3 votesIf you just got your G13 and plan to use it for GW2, play with it NOW. I got myself a N52TE and found it to useful but wierd when playing. If you don’t try it now your … read more3 votesHere’s a screenshot of my hotkey layout on the G13 votesMy bindings however, my mouse side buttons will be bound to dodge and weapon swap.2 votesI have one of these and plan on trying it in the Beta this weekend, but as this will be my only time playing (aside from a few hours on a friend’s computer, shh!) I … read more1 voteI’m wondering how much of a difference this sort of thing can actually make. To people who use these devices: is it really worth it? I mean, 60 bucks for such … read more1 voteSee all

Logitech G13 or Razer Nostromo/Belkin N52te + analog stick

Newegg has the G13 on sale for $63.99 down from $79.99(same price as the Logitech site) and it is a free shipping item as well.If you play Blacklight Retribution you also get some card for in game items too.

Logitech G13 or Razer Nostromo/Belkin N52te + analog stick

G13 user for 5 years here (well it was Belkin nt52 before, but G13 is better imo because of more buttons). The thumb stick is perfect when you get used to it, …

Belkin n52te SpeedPad vs. Razer Nostromo – World of

Dec 23, 2014 · If Razer does come thru with Mac drivers for the Nostromo, I would definitely go with that one. If you’re absolutely dieing for a gamepad now.. You might want to look a the Logitech G13.

Logitech G13- Razer Nostromo –

Logitech G13- Razer Nostromo Subscribe Search This Thread. Poll Results: G13 or Nostromo 58% (7) G13. 41% (5) Nostromo/Belkin N52TE. i guess i could look at my nostromo config but it was a combo of the gw2 config + nostromo config and i cant access the guildwars one right now. Reply. Reply.

The Comparative Review of 4 Best Gaming Keypads: Logitech

Apr 27, 2015 · I own both the Logitech G13 and the Razer Orbweaver Chroma (as well as the original Nostromo). 1. The G13 does not have an analogue joystick. It is a digital hat type switch. It feels analogue, but it is digital. 2. The G13 has no keys above the directional keys (WSAD). The W key interrupts the top row of keys, which sucks. 3.