How to send self-destructing emails with Gmail Confidential Mode

How to send self-destructing emails with Gmail

Watch video · Confidential mode prevents people from copy/pasting and forwarding emails, but they can still take screenshots. CNBC’s Todd Haselton shows you …

How To Use Gmail’s «Confidential Mode» And Send Self

So, this is how you can turn on the Gmail feature called confidential mode and used it to send self-destructing emails to anyone. If you have something to add, drop thoughts in the comments below.

Gmail’s Confidential Mode Lets You Send Self-Destructing

Gmail has released a new feature called Confidential Mode that allows you to send self-destructing emails to recipients that can’t be forwarded to other users or printed.

How to Send Self Destructing Emails in Gmail With

Aug 23, 2018 · The concept of Gmail’s confidential mode is similar to self-destructing emails. While composing an email you first set an expiry date. Secondly, you’ll have an option to set a passcode for that email.

Gmail now lets you send self-destructing ‘confidential

Gmail now lets you send self-destructing ‘confidential mode’ emails from your phone. Gmail’s not entirely confidential ‘confidential mode’ expiry-date email feature is now available on mobile apps.

What Is Gmail’s Confidential Mode And How To Send Self

Now lets see on how to use confidential mode in gmail to send Self-Destructing Emails. Just make sure you are on the new gmail interface. Login to your Gmail account and click Compose.

How to Turn On Gmail Confidential Mode to Send Self

The Gmail Confidential Mode is basically a privacy-driven feature that lets users send emails with an expiration date, just like self-destructing email on Apple iMessage or Snapchat. Confidential Mode in Gmail could be a big feature for the professionals who do not want to leak the sensitive data .

How to send self-destructing confidential emails on Gmail

How to send self-destructing confidential emails on Gmail Debashis Sarkar We will talk about that later but first let’s understand what can the ‘Confidential Mode’ do and how to use it to send emails with an expiry date, so, that the message automatically ‘self-destructs’ when no longer required.

Gmail Now Lets You Send Self-Destructing ‘Confidential

Google has rolled out its ‘confidential mode’ for setting a self-destruct date on email to mobile devices.From a report: Confidential mode came with the search company’s big redesign of Gmail announced earlier this year and became the default for consumer Gmail users in July, while G Suite business customers still have a few months to make the switch.

How to Use Gmail’s New Confidential Mode to Send Private

Confidential Mode is basically self-destructing emails. It’s Google’s way of meeting the needs of customers who use Gmail to conduct business and transfer private information. This mode provides additional protection, making emailing private data safer than sending a standard email.