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The term space rock was originally coined back in the ’70s to describe the cosmic flights of bands like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind. Today, however, space rock refers to a new generation of alternative/indie bands that draw from psychedelic rock, ambient music, and — more often than not — experimental and avant-garde influences.

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Space rock is a rock music genre characterized by loose and lengthy song structures centred on instrumental textures that typically produce a hypnotic, otherworldly sound. It may feature distorted and reverberation -laden guitars, minimal drumming, languid vocals, synthesizers and lyrical themes of outer space and science fiction .

Stylistic origins: Progressive rock, psychedelic rock

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Space rock is a subgenre of rock music; the term originally referred to a group of early, mostly British, 1970s progressive and psychedelic rock bands such as Hawkwind, Gong, and Pink Floyd, characterised by slow, lengthy instrumental passages dominated by electronic organs, synthesizers, experimental guitar work and science fiction or outer

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For most of its life, rock has been fragmented, spinning off new styles and variations every few years, from Brill Building Pop and heavy metal to dance-pop and grunge. And that’s only natural for a genre that began its life as a fusion of styles.

Psychedelic/Space Rock, a progressive rock music sub-genre

Psychedelic/Space Rock definition Psychedelic Progressive Rock Progressive rock music has its roots in the mid 1960’s psychedelic cultural phenomena. During that time the British Invasion and folk-rock bands began to expand the sonic possibilities of their music.

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Space Rock is a style of rock music. The style evolved off of Psychedelic, and Progressing rock music. The style is known for having lyrics related to Space, and Sci-Fi topics.

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Similarly, WXPN Radio’s Star’s End, programming ambient music since 1976, on its website lists space music as a separate genre, along with Ambient, new-age, and others.

Stylistic origins: Ambient, easy listening, eclecticism, electronic, elevator music, light music, lounge music, new-age, soundscape, Berlin school, computer music, krautrock, planetarium, soundtrack