Premier League to cap cost of tickets for away fans at £30

Premier League to cap cost of tickets for away fans at £30

The £30 away ticket cap will be introduced from next season. In a statement, the Premier League said away fans were «essential for match atmosphere» and helped make the league unique.

Premier League to cap cost of tickets for away fans at £30

Arsenal fans will only pay £26 for away tickets. That’s honestly a great gesture from the club and the extra money does add up. I hope the cap is further reduced and more clubs reimburse their away fans.

Premier League tickets to cost £30 or less for 56% of fans

A report from the Premier League has revealed that 56 per cent of all tickets sold to supporters at games cost £30 or less. All 20 of England’s top teams were asked to detail prices, sales

Over half of Premier League tickets cost £30 or less

The importance of away fans has also been recognised by clubs with the £30 cap on away ticket prices, which came into being in 2016/17, in place for this season and next. Indeed, this season the average away ticket price will be under the cap, at £26, with a third of away tickets sold below £30.

Premier League away fan tickets to be capped at £30 from

Fans have won a major victory after the Premier League announced that away ticket prices would be capped at £30 for the next three seasons.

Premier League clubs announce new deal for away fans

The £30 away ticket cap will replace the ASI as a single, League-wide recognition of the importance of away fans for the three seasons 2016/17 to 2018/19. The ASI was a collective agreement by the Clubs to help away fans that was introduced in 2013/14 for three seasons.

Premier League to cap ticket prices for away fans

The Premier League has bowed to pressure from fans and promised to cap ticket prices for away fans at £30 from next season under a deal struck by England’s biggest clubs on Wednesday.

Premier League clubs to cap away tickets to £30 for next

Premier League clubs agreed unanimously to an unprecedented cap of £30 on away tickets to head off what they feared would be one of the biggest mass supporter protests in the league’s 24-year

Fans’ group praises scheme to cap Premier League away

Last year, clubs voted unanimously to introduce a £30 cap for all away tickets in the Premier League, meaning the telecom company will effectively subsidise £10 on every ticket.

Premier League ticket prices: £30 price cap applied for

Sport > Football > Premier League Premier League ticket prices: £30 price cap applied for away fans in groundbreaking move. Recent fan protests have prompted authorities to take action

Premier League: More than half of fans pay £30 or less per

The average price for a ticket is £32, the study by the Premier League and Ernst and Young found. The average price for an away ticket is £26, with 33% sold below the £30 cap agreed by clubs in