15 Best Dragon Movies Of All Time

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By 2016, there ought to be dozens of dragon films to choose from. Unfortunately there’s a dearth of dragon films in terms of numbers, but there remain a good fistful of movies featuring dragons that are must-sees for any dragon aficionado.



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15 Best Dragon Movies of All Time POSTED BY Rafay Farooq , UPDATED ON September 15th, 2014 Ever since we were kids, our grandmother would tell us stories about a dragon terrorizing a land and a hero eventually rising to challenge it.

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How to Train Your Dragon (2010) This movie isn’t on top of our list for no reason. After a really …

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A list of the best dragon movies ever made, ranked by movie fans with film trailers when available. This dragon movie list is ordered by popularity, so only the greatest movies about dragon are at the top of the list. If there are any great movies about dragon you believe we missed, please feel free to …

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The best live-action dragon movies of all time: 1 – Dragonslayer (1981) Ralph Richardson. The best of all dragon movies, with great special effects and an original story.

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However, any D&D player could tell you that in a game or in today’s movies that dragons might not always be capable of human understanding, but they’re anything but stupid beasts.

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Today we’ll discuss TOP 10 best Dragon movies for all time. These majestic beings are known for being unbelievably strong, wise and ancient. And once you insert a dragon or two into a movie/book, it almost always becomes a big-time hit.

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It was nominated for an Academy Award for Visual Effects, including another for best Original Music Score. Scroll down for more scintillating movies that feature dragons in all their glory. Don’t miss out on watching these all-time favorites.

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THE HISTORY OF TRUNKS. Nearly every Dragon Ball Z movie starts and ends the same way. A …

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Puff, The Magical Dragon. Puff, the magical dragon is actually a song sung by Peter, Paul and …

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The best action, the best humour, the best villain, the best transformations, and the best soundtrack. The BEST Dragon Ball movie Beautiful choreography, stunning soundtrack, huge budget and lots of comedy.

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Fortunately, the Dragon Ball franchise has had a lot of great villains. For this article we’ll be looking across the original Dragon Ball, DBZ, GT, Super, and even the movies to pick out the best of the bunch.This is more about personality than power.