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gun down 1. To shoot and kill someone. A noun or pronoun can be used between «gun» and «down.» You just gunned down an innocent man, and you’re going to pay! We need to make a change before one more innocent person gets gunned down. 2. To shoot something with bullets so that it falls to the ground. A noun or pronoun can be used between «gun» and «down

GUN DOWN SOMEONE | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

gun down someone definition: to shoot and kill or badly injure someone. Learn more.

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gun down (phrasal verb) definition and synonyms

to shoot someone and kill them or injure them badly, especially someone who is not guilty of anything, or who is not carrying a gun He was gunned down in his own doorway . Synonyms and related words

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Gun down definition is – to shoot (someone) with a gun. How to use gun down in a sentence. to shoot (someone) with a gun… See the full definition. SINCE 1828. Menu. JOIN MWU Gain access to thousands of additional definitions and advanced search features—ad free! JOIN NOW.

To shoot someone or something – Macmillan Dictionary

literary if a weapon, bullet, or illness cuts someone down, it kills or injures them gun down to shoot someone and kill them or injure them badly , especially someone who is not guilty of anything, or who is not carrying a gun

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An Alabama lawyer was embroiled in his own contentious divorce case at the time he was murdered three weeks ago. Robert Blake Lazenby (photo, right), in fact, was involved in several hot-button

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Feb 04, 2018 · Twist the gun down, breaking the criminal’s finger as you do it. Remember, the criminal’s finger will be in the trigger. Twist the gun to the right. All of these maneuvers are dangerous if the criminal is stronger than you and also risk the gun firing and striking other people in the area. Take the gun from the criminal’s wounded hand.


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Jan 23, 2016 · Donald Trump boasted Saturday that support for his presidential campaign would not decline even if he shot someone in the middle of a crowded street.

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Oct 27, 2018 · Eleven people were killed in Saturday’s shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, according to Curt Conrad, chief of staff for Pittsburgh City Councilman Corey O’Connor.

Dream Dictionary Guns. Seeing Guns in Your Sleep: What It

Dream Dictionary Guns. If you dream that you are using a gun to shoot someone, then it denotes your aggression and anger, and at the same time indicates that you are feeling particularly angry towards one specific person, if the person in the dream is identifiable. He looked at me and put the gun down and just vanished [Reply] +2.