Sword of the Stranger is Pretty Darn Enjoyable. Anime Blog Thing.

Sword of the Stranger is Pretty Darn Enjoyable. Anime Blog

The sword action is top notch, and the final action sequence is pretty great. The story is perfect for setting up the amazing action to take place while not distracting from what the movie is good at.

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By Andrew Osmond. If you saw the film title Sword of the Stranger without knowing anything else about it, you might guess it was a no-nonsense action flick, perhaps with a Man With No Name hero and a great many bladed weapons. And you’d be right. It’s also an anime by the Cowboy Bebop studio, but rather than being set in outer space, this is a pic set in medieval Japan.

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None of these things, Sword of the Stranger is an unexpected big-budget film, which leapt instantly to the forefront of my favoured anime movies with exhilarating action sequences, captivating visuals, raw, evocative music and simple but affective characterisation.

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Sword of the Stranger is a film utterly dedicated to one precise goal, a buffet of action served in a beautifully animated package. If you’re looking for a bloody good time, it’s a must-see film

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Sword of the Stranger is one of all-time great anime action movies. STORY It’s a simple story, but it does its job to set-up a series of cool fight scenes and doesn’t insult my intelligence.

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Anime Review: Redline and Sword of the Stranger February 19, 2015 by Robert the Liunatic 1 Comment Recently, I watched two highly recommended anime movies; Redline and Sword of the Stranger .

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Jul 23, 2010 · But overall, Sword of the Stranger is a pretty enjoyable film. It’s well made, even if it’s never much more than the good side of ‘alright’. It’s well made, even if it’s never much more than the good side of ‘alright’.

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Sword of the Stranger excels in all 3. Voice acting is spot on alot of the time. Although, there are a few scenes with Mandolin Chinese being spoken by Japanese Voice actors where it just sounds awkward and slower than it should be.

Top responsesRedditFinal fight is one of the best i have ever seen.34 votesThe story isn’t anything special, but the choreography and animation of the fights is unreal. It’s sword fighting done right and has one of the best final fights … read more45 votesTobimaru is the best. Also, it’s a good movie and has some really neat fight scene animations. Would recommend.11 votesThe music is the best .7 votesI agree with Professor Otaku on this movie. The story is nothing special as it aims only to set up action scenes, which are all «Oh shit son». Spoiler5 votesCompletely agree, and also another reason to Watch This. Whenever anime movies come up, either as say a top 20 or whatever, you can always expect Sword … read more6 votesSee all

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Definitely, the one thing that both of these series share in common is the fact that both main characters are driven by redemption, they search for a way to forgive their past sins, no matter what it takes.

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There’s little about No-Name, Koutaro or anybody else in Sword of the Stranger you haven’t seen before. There are few places that the film goes that you haven’t been before.

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Sword of the Stranger is highly unnoticed film here on IMDb and only has around 4 thousand people who have voted for it. This Anime deserves to be recognized for its beautiful animation, its characters, for its music and soundtrack, and for the good film that is.

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[1] Gough gave the film 3.5/5 and concluded by saying «Sword Of The Stranger is a quality anime movie that tells a simple story well, and despite a bit of a lull in the second act, delivers a denouement that will stir the emotions of even the most restrained viewer.»

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Sword of the stranger was a movie that I stumbled across by accident, and I am so glad that I decided to pick this up! The artwork in this series is breathtaking. The scenery was so detailed and realistic that it pulls you right into the anime.