Can we use the Yammer search API v2? Is it official?

Can we use the Yammer search API v2? Is it official

The Yammer v2 search API endpoint is not yet officially supported for third-party use. This is because we anticipate the need to make changes to it as we build it out. There are no plans to lock developers out of experimenting with the v2 search API.

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Re: API V2 Release Date Hi Ben, just in case it might be helpful to you – I have a little lead in figuring out what 40% data omission means – and how it can somehow be a «design decision». Yammer API «collapses» the threads so that we only get to see the latest entry on a specific thread and only that latest entry is retrieved from the messages GET API.

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here is my problem : Entierely from back-end, I want to use the Yammer API, without any real user action. To do that, first of all I have to retrieve a token.

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Once your app has authenticated a Yammer user, it can call a REST API endpoint using your access token and get the corresponding resources.

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Aug 29, 2017 · Yes, you can use Yammer for free or without license as long as you can register a valid company email. If you only want to use Yammer Basic or without an Admin tools, you don’t need to register it with Office 365.

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**Making API Requests** With a valid access token, your app can make calls to any Yammer API endpoint by sending the access token as a “Bearer” token in the “Authorization” request header.

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Now we will move one step ahead and see how to show SharePoint results and Yammer results together. Yes, this is possible you can implement a custom component which can read data from both SharePoint and Yammer using their respective REST URLs. To learn more about the SharePoint Search REST API click here and here.

Post/Create a poll using Yammer REST API

Jan 07, 2015 · Hi everybody, I have been working on a project where there is a requirement to develop a custom web part that displays the feeds from Yammer. Also, the logged in user should be able to post messages, attachments, polls from the web part. I was able to post messages and attachments using rest · Hi Srivikas, As this question is more relate

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Oct 25, 2016 · No I am not using Embed, I am trying calling yammer REST api from SharePoint Online (SPO). Both SPO and Yammer are using the same SSO authentication and setting use_SSO = true works in yammer embed, however I cannot find the same kind of settings while calling the REST api from the same SPO site.

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Oct 21, 2014 · Search all blogs. Search this blog. Sign in. CollabWire CollabWire Yammer REST API for Dummies This blog is a continuation of the Yammer RESTful API for dummies series. We are going to write a simple. Log in to Reply. Krishna says: April 22, 2015 at 10:23 am.