“I don’t care how many asses I have to spank.” Fake Jeff Kaplan is tired of toxicity

“I don’t care how many asses I have to spank.” Fake Jeff

“I don’t care how many asses I have to spank.” Fake Jeff Kaplan is tired of toxicity Some video trickery suggests that Jeff Kaplan has some tough love to offer the Overwatch community.

Jeff Kaplan: the consequences of toxic behaviour : Overwatch

That’s what I end up using my ult most of the time anyway, (Or the AOE Damage boost, but people don’t get the hint to stand within 10 meters of each other) but now I’m seeing a ton of McCrees who deadeye me as soon as I ult.

Top responsesReddit«Not even a team of 6 pro mercy mains can resurrect this community» Damn. I know this is a parody, but this sounds like it could be a fact.6.8K votesFingers crossed they put the Kaplan estate in the game as a map.1.6K votessubtitles Easter egg https://i.imgur.com/m6On9jh.png2.3K votesDamn, this might be my favorite dinoflask vid yet, the dude is hitting homeruns on every single one of these videos.152 votes/u/dinoflask completes me48 votes«We have taken disciplinary action against 4 accounts, 3 of which were blizzard accounts doing bronze to grandmaster challenges» – Jeph, 100% confirmed35 votesSee all

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19 November 2018 – The one-two combination of wildfire and rain can produce some risks, but toxic rain is not one of them.

Jeff Kaplan praised for «roast» of ban complainer, but his

Currently throwers/toxic players/whatever don’t care about getting banned, they can just re-create an account and throw 40 bucks back into Blizzard’s pockets. But if you make it mandatory to provide your real identity, you can’t do that, so once you get banned, you’re banned.

Top responsesRedditThe account has 383 days(9209ish hours) of being voice/chat banned. One would think after say 100hrs they would do something more.1K votesDon’t worry. After 2k+ reports he was banned for one week. Surely that will stop him. Lost a bit of faith in this new reporting system. Edit: I know his main account … read more1.3K votessorry, but thats not «roasted».. its a shame that an account can recieve that huge number of reports before serious actions (permaban) are being taken. jeff kaplan … read more212 votesAn account with thousands of reports was only just now manually punished don’t get your hopes up boys things ain’t getting better234 votesI guess I would need a frame of reference to decide how absurd 2.2k reports is. How many reports does a torb main in gold get when he’s trying his best to win?21 votesAfter a certain point I would’ve hoped that blizz implemented an account ban or something extremely long term. Is a toxic playerbase really worth … read more94 votesSee all

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May 14, 2012 · I think being spanked in front of witnesses would be so intense. I want to experience it.

I have sitting in front of me a brand spanking new computer.

I have sitting in front of me a brand spanking new computer. Never been used. What do I do now? Get AVG and that’s about all I know.

I Don’t Care What Anyone Says, I Will *Never* Spank My Kids

Growing up in a small town in the ’80s, it seemed like everyone spanked their kids. I was spanked, my siblings were spanked, and so were all of my friends.

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Spanked at work.. I need help My boss made me sign a contract? terms? to reieave corpral punishment for mistakes made on the job. If i refuse the spanking he would fire me ..

“I’m going to spank you now” | Salon.com

Mar 31, 2015 · At times, spanking was an obsession, and one made all the more torturous for the shame I felt harboring it. For more than 20 years I thought there was something wrong with me.

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan on how needing to babysit toxic

“I’m Jeff from the Overwatch team,” the outrageously famous Blizzard game director Jeff Kaplan says in this week’s Overwatch developer video. I get a kick out of it when he does that. In fact, he’s back again to talk about “the rising tide of toxicity” in the game.

Blizzard: Toxic Overwatch players are hurting the game’s

I don’t care is you don’t want to play the meta for a certain map because you’re right it’s just a game and you payed the same $50 I did to play the game. I don’t care if you only main one or two