Reebok’s Newest Sneakers Are Made Out of Cotton and Corn

Reebok develops plant-based sneakers made of cotton and

Reebok is stepping up its sustainability game with the new Cotton + Corn sneaker, a compostable plant-based shoe made of organic cotton and bioplastic.

Reebok’s Newest Sneaker Is Made From Cotton and Corn

Reebok’s cotton and corn shoes are available online and come with a $95 price tag.

Reebok’s Newest Sneakers Are Made Out of Cotton and Corn

The shoes are available in unisex sizing, currently retailing for $95. While you may be wondering if corn shoes are really necessary, according to Reebok, 20 billion pairs of shoe made every single year and Americans are throwing out at least 300 million pairs annually.

Reebok’s new biodegradable sneakers are made from corn

The shoe’s upper will be made from organic cotton, which isn’t out of the ordinary for a casual sneaker, like the Reebok Classic, after which the new corn-based shoe is styled.

Reebok is making shoes out of corn – New Atlas – New

Reebok’s Cotton + Corn shoes will be made from a corn-derived rubber, along with organic cotton (Credit: stoonn/Depositphotos) Corn is already a valuable source of human food, animal feed and biofuel.

Reebok launches sustainable sneaker made from cotton and

The cotton and corn shoes are now available online and are selling for $95 – in the same price range of the classic sneaker. Though the shoe is sustainable, it’s not yet biodegradable.

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