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Walls [] Straw Bale Infill []. The original «Nebraska» straw-bale building technique was one in which walls of straw-bales actually provided the support for the roof-structure above, so these are now referred to as load-bearing, and straw-bale homes of this style continue to be built and permitted.

The Pros and Cons of Straw Bale Wall Construction

If you use sloppy building techniques (air gaps in the walls and around doors and windows, poor foundation insulation, etc.) and fail to build a well insulated roof that is also free of air leaks, the straw bale walls will be of little value, as would any other insulating material.

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It’s best to avoid any plumbing pipes in a straw-bale wall; in a pinch, it’s always possible to build a chase or a faux framed wall for the plumbing. Code issues. A full survey of the status of straw-bale building codes is beyond the scope of this article.

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Or consider that straw bale building is not alone in having had its share of mistakes – modern building practices have created a “perfect storm” of stucco failures on conventionally built homes. In some ways, bale walls are better, they can be more resilient than some conventional wall systems.

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At the same time, consumers are searching for more natural and sustainable alternatives to standard building materials. As a result, straw bale construction techniques have been enjoying a renaissance. There are 2 basic types of straw bale construction: loadbearing (or Nebraska style) and non-loadbearing (or infill).

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Straw-bale walls are most typically plastered on the outside with lime, clay, or a cement and lime mix. Inside surfaces are typically lime, clay, plaster board (gypsum) or Structolite, a US Gypsum product that is formulated for thick applications (Wanek, Catherine).

Top 8 Advantages and Challenges of Straw Bale Construction

7. Straw bale walls are gorgeous. Most people love the look of the deep windows, niches, and bookcases that are made possible by straw bale construction. One caveat, though: if you’re very concerned with perfectly straight lines, bales might be rather frustrating for you. 8. Straw houses will save you money, year after year. | Straw Bale House Construction Information

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Straw bale buildingis a smart way to build. It’s more than just a wall building technique that has yet to come into its own. It’s a radically different approach to the process of building itself.Like all innovative ideas,it has been pioneered by the passionate,and used …

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Andrew has a passion for straw bale construction that is matched only by his desire to teach his knowledge to others. He has a wealth of experience in designing and building conventional, tiny, and straw bale homes. After years of building, he has moved his practice entirely to consulting and teaching.

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STRAW BALE CONSTRUCTION. Techniques & Theory from all over the world. SOUND. Acoustics of bale and other natural building wall systems. ROOFS. Discover the Possibilities. PREFABRICATED PANELS. Prefab can be green fab. PLASTER. The Last Straw …