Where are all the Somali pirates?

Where are all the Somali pirates? – Mashable

Nov 03, 2014 · In this Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012 file photo, masked Somali pirate Hassan stands near a Taiwanese fishing vessel that washed up on shore after the pirates were paid a …

*ALL TIME BEST* Somali Pirates VS Ship Security

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Apr 23, 2017 · In this video made on a bodycam, we watch as one guard behind a bulwark of sandbags pours lead down on small approaching pirate boats—and the pirates appear to fire back.

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List of ships attacked by Somali pirates – Wikipedia

18 rows · Somali pirates with automatic weapons captured the ship, carrying six Kenyans and six Sri …

Hong Kong MV Feisty Gas (LPG carrier) 120 (unknown) Released after ransom
Hong Kong MV Feisty Gas (LPG carrier) 120 (unknown) Released after ransom
Kenya MV Semlow (Freighter) 10 (unknown) Released
Kenya MV Semlow (Freighter) 10 (unknown) Released

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Somali pirates have accountants, lend money to businessmen, and are basically running the economy of the autonomous region of Puntland. A BBC report in January 2012 claims that pirates have boosted the Somali economy significantly, but not all of it has trickled down to the coastal communities.

Somali Pirates VS Ship’s Private Security Guards – YouTube

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Apr 21, 2017 · The fight between Somali pirates and a Private security guard on board a cargo ship. When pirates were trying to board the ship, the security guards fired dozens of rounds at the pirate vessel

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Somali pirates hijack first commercial ship in five years

Watch video · Somali pirates have hijacked their first commercial ship in five years, after approaching the vessel and pretending to beg for water, officials said today.

Somali Pirates Attack, Raising Fears That a Menace Is Back

Apr 04, 2017 · Somali officials said the Indian cargo ship that was seized last week was now being held for ransom in the El Hur area of central Somalia, south of the Puntland border, a well-known pirate locale.

The Pirates of Somalia (2017) – IMDb

Dec 08, 2017 · Watch video · The pace of The Pirates Of Somalia is agonizingly slow at times. Al Pacino really stands out. No doubt put it the film for a little box office juice, he also picks up the pace with a quirky performance. He’s in at the beginning and toward the end. I wish we could have worked him in more. The Pirates Of Somalia is a story that needed telling.


Somali Pirates Attack US Cruiser | Military.com

Get it all on video and make some stills of it. Post the videos and stills in the ports they sailed from. Make sure all the wannabes know this is the fate that awaits them.

Top 5 Must-Watch Somali Pirates Movies

A Hijacking: A Danish movie, ‘A Hijacking’ was released in the year 2012. The plot of the movie …

IRIN | The Somali pirates are back (SPOILER ALERT: they

The Somali pirates are back (SPOILER ALERT: they never really left) An IRIN investigation reveals the extent to which Somalia’s pirates are back in business and this time it’s as much about smuggling people and weapons

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Somali Pirates – WSJ

Wiping out today’s pirates won’t be easy; they’re smarter, better organized, and, frankly, better loved abroad than the swashbucklers of yesteryear. In a special dispatch from Mombasa, Kenya

Somali pirates release oil tanker and crew | Somalia News

Somali pirates have released a hijacked oil tanker and its eight Sri Lankan crew, according to Somali security official and the pirates, bringing the first hijacking since 2012 to a conclusion

Piracy off the coast of Somalia – Wikipedia

Piracy off the coast of Somalia has been a threat to international shipping since the second phase of the Somali Civil War, around 2000, when foreign ships exploited the coastline area because of the absence of an effective national coast guard by invading the fishing grounds and also dumping illegal waste that would further diminish the local catch.

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