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2018年9月19日- Jelly has a way that people can’t extricate themselves. #fruit #jelly #lemon #salad

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2018年7月10日- 在 Pinterest 探索 Weichuan Liu 的图板“那些黑与白”。 | 查看更多关于 Blanco y negro、Fotografía 和 Fotografía callejera 的创意点子。

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I absolutely love maxi skirts 在 Kayla Adams 的 Clothes 上找到此 Pin 图及更多内容。 Old pleated skirt with buttons steps into this decade with the help of a tshirt boho, maxi skirt, t shirt so my style Light sweater and pleated skirt. Maxi to the max. 查看更多

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2018年10月12日- 在 Pinterest 探索 焦健 的图板“shadehouse”。

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each extra patient a nurse had above an established nurse-patient ratio made it 7 percent more likely that one of the patients would die. She found that 20,000 people died a year because they were in hospitals with overworked nurses.

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The entire road will be turned into a bi-directional cycle path, with pedestrian paths on either end and flex parking for deliveries and bicycle parking.

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The Guadalcanal campaign was fought between August 7, 1942, and February 7, 1943, in the Pacific theater of World War II. This campaign, fought on the ground, at sea, and in the air, pitted Allied forces against Imperial Japanese forces, and was a decisive, strategically significant campaign of World War II.

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Toy News International – Daily Action Figures Toy News, Reviews and Discussions 在 MX Axolotl 的 SEXBODY 上找到此 Pin 图及更多内容。

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キョンシー (Kyonshi) A Kyonshi is a type of reanimated corpse known sometimes as the hopping vampire or hopping zombie. It is so stiff that it cannot bend its limbs and body so it has to move around by hopping while keeping its arms stretched out for mobility.

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Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Moonphase Watch Hands-On – by Ariel Adams – Read more and see the pictures on «I have high hopes for the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage collection of watches that came out this year at SIHH 2014.

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Changing to natural hair care products can have a noticeable improvement on your hair. You will see immediate results as natural ingredients begin to repair years …

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Love these!! A bit too high for me and I can wear 6 inch heels lol But I think it’s all about perspective. You either can or can’t rock these

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2018年11月8日- 在 Pinterest 探索 成都匠心酒设研发机构 的图板“香水”。 | 查看更多关于 Eau de banheiro、Loções 和 Fragrância 的创意点子。

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A mashup of traditional Japanese ghost symbology, hip-hop retro-futurism, and urban street couture finds its way in the illustrations of 199hates.