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The TMP is a Tactical Machine Pistol that uses custom 9mm. If I were the writer of that faq, I would have grouped the TMP with the pistols. Just put asterisks saying that it uses custom 9mm!

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The Steyr TMP (Taktische Maschinenpistole/Tactical Machine Pistol) is a select-fire 9×19mm Parabellum caliber machine pistol manufactured by Steyr Mannlicher of Austria. The magazines come in 15-, 20-, or 30-round detachable box types.

Type: Machine pistol/compact submachine gun


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When you hold the TMP at arm’s length with the forward hand pushing the front grip and the trigger-hand pulling the pistol grip as if to «stretch» the weapon, the gun is automatically brought into a central position, at face level (please notice this was done without a sling).

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I had the chance to shoot the FNX-45 Tactical and the SIG 227 Tacops on Tuesday and the FNX is the best handgun I’ve ever held. The 1911 is a classic but dated.

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Mar 11, 2001 · ive determinded through a semi-scientific study that silencing your USP 45 decreases the accuracy. Also, setting the glock to burst fire, SERIOUSLY …

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TMP does 1.8 damage in .1 second. In 5 seconds, it does 90 damage. This makes it more powerful than any of the pistols. Since, 2 TMP bullets equal 1 Blacktail bullet, TMP also has more than 3 times the capacity (when difference in damage is taken into account). Striker does 84 damage in 5 seconds. More than the handguns, less than the TMP.

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When I want a pistol that will fire under environmental duress, put down a target quickly, and scream «don’t fuck with me» it’s hard to do better than a big ass revolver. The …