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Crystal system: Orthorhombic

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Cavansite is a favourite crystal for many psychics or mediums, as it opens up the Pineal Gland in the centre of brain, which activates the Alta Major, Third Eye, Crown, Ear and Causal Chakras – collectively referred to as the ‘Golden Crown Diamond’.

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Cavansite Properties Cavansite is a beautiful and rare mineral that forms sparkling blue crystals. It can only be found in a small town in India. Because of its rarity and difficulty to mine, Cavansite …

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Physically Cavansite is helpful for sore throats, general healing, and diseases which it helps eliminate and keep from returning. Visit my online shops for even more crystals and other wonderful items: Stitches and Stones KC (my primary shop) or Crystal Guidance on Etsy

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Crystal Description. Cavansite is a deep blue hydrous calcium vanadium phyllosilicate mineral. It is polymorphic with the even rarer mineral, Pentagonite. Cavansite is a distinctive mineral. It forms crystal aggregates in the form of balls, up to a couple centimetres in size.

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Cavansite Crystal Healing Properties: Cavansite is a stone of revelation, breakthrough, understanding, prophecy and spiritual enlightenment. It helps with clear communication and can assist in connecting us to guides & teachers when we are ready to move to the next level.