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Occam’s razor (also Ockham’s razor or Ocham’s razor; Latin: lex parsimoniae «law of parsimony») is the problem-solving principle that the simplest solution tends to be the correct one. When presented with competing hypotheses to solve a problem, one should select the solution with the fewest assumptions.

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What is Occam’s Razor? Occam’s (or Ockham’s) razor is a principle attributed to the 14th century logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham. Ockham was the village in the English county of Surrey where he was born. The principle states that «Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.

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Occam’s razor, also spelled Ockham’s razor, also called law of economy or law of parsimony, principle stated by the Scholastic philosopher William of Ockham (1285–1347/49) that pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessitate, “plurality should not be posited without necessity.”

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Occam’s razor definition is – a scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities.

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Occam’s razor (also Ockham’s razor; Latin: lex parsimoniae «law of parsimony») is a problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the one that makes the fewest assumptions.

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Occam’s razor is not part of the reasoning process, as such, because it makes no definition of the relative strength of a theory. It is a ‘heuristic maxim,’ commonly known as a rule of thumb, guiding research down the easiest course.

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Occam’s Razor (or Ockham’s Razor, also known as the Principle of Parsimony) is the idea that more straightforward explanations are, in general, better. That is, if you have two possible theories that fit all available evidence, the best theory is the one with fewer moving parts.

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Occam’s razor » Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate » or «plurality should not be posited without necessity.» The words are those of the medieval English philosopher and Franciscan monk William of Ockham (ca. 1285-1349).