15 Film Cameras You Can Still Buy Brand New

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Feb 19, 2016 · It’s a pity you didn’t understand the point of the article. The name of the article is «15 Film Cameras You Can Still Buy Brand New». Voigtlander discontinued the Bessa 35mm Rangefinder line in 2015, so whatever you can buy «new» today is just merely «new …

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If you’re hankering for a brand new film camera the good news is that there are a surprising number of excellent choices still out there which we’ve detailed below. Some are fairly pricey, so you may also want to check out B&H’s Used Department’s listings when pursuing the film camera of your dreams.

5 Best Film Cameras That You Can Purchase Brand New

Nikon FM-10. Adorama Price: $519.00. Only a few film cameras are still in production and can be …

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And while you can find tons of used film cameras in top condition by going to the Used Camera Departments of major retailers or cruising eBay listings, entire categories of once popular film cameras are no longer available brand new: medium-format SLRs and non-interchangeable-lens 35mm rangefinder cameras to name two—except for sporadic “NOS” (new old stock) listings.

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Large format images remain far higher in quality than digital cameras available today. While the cameras are affordable, the sheet film can be quite costly. Buy it on Amazon.

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Deals designed especially for you. Best Buy Outlet. Clearance, open-box, refurbished and pre-owned. Cardmember Exclusive. Limited time: 18 month financing on storewide purchases $479 and up.

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Jan 21, 2018 · It’s not as though film technology has evolved in the last 20 years. Whether you buy brand new or used you’re getting 1997 tech at the latest. Nikon made a farewell copy of their rangefinder, but manufacturers can’t exist on tribute acts and nostalgia.

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Jan 19, 2018 · Which film cameras can you buy brand new? Discussion in ’35mm Leica still sell their M series film cameras. Hasselblad H series can be used with a film back. I believe Linhof still sell their view cameras for film use. Jan 19, 2018 #9. Phillip Nondorf Subscriber. Messages: 12. Joined: Jun 15, 2017 Location: