Ferie og friluftsliv (Holidays and outdoor life)

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Friluftsliv | Outdoor life. Destinationer. Lektion i längdskidåkning. Anna D. og vi har nydt den hver eneste år siden. Så både min søster og jeg, mine to fætre (Nu 17 og 20 år) og nu mine to rollinger på 6 år og knap 3, har fået glæde af traditionen. DYI / Holiday planner for kids. #Ferie #Vinterferie # Efterårsferie #

Ferie og friluftsliv (Holidays and outdoor life

Fortegnelse over utgitte og digitaliserte publikasjoner 1828-1976 23. Ferie og friluftsliv (Holidays and outdoor life) Ferieundersøkelsen (Holiday Survey) A 348 1968 A 451 1970 A 732 1974 . Friluftsliv, idrett og mosjon (Outdoor Recreation, Sport and Exercise), utg. 1975 SØS 25 . Friluftslivundersøkelsen (Outdoor Life Survey) A 459 1970 A

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Ferie Posted by kari on Aug 25, 2009 in Holidays, Leisure Norwegians are good at going på ferie (on vacation). Like most Europeans, Norwegians enjoy friluftsliv, outdoor life, such as å gå på tur, å gå på ski, å ta fly til Syden, o.s.v. (and so on ).

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Friluftsliv, a word coined by Norwegian poet Henrik Ibsen, literally translating to ‘free air life’ is the word used to broadly describe the connection to nature that is so strong in Norway. This article explores how a respect and love of the outdoors is developed.

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Cross), Ferie for alle (holidays for all) and Røde Kors førstehjelp og friluftsliv (Red Cross first aid and outdoor life). We want every child to be able to participate in recreational activities regardless of their parents’ income, and funds from the Pantelotteriet allow us to do so,” says the local association manager.

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Friluftsliv: an ancient way of life Friluftsliv (n.) direct translation ‘open-air-life’; a Scandinavian philosophy of outdoor life. As the midnight sun casts a soft glow on the fir trees around us, we lean in close to the warmth of the camp fire.

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“The history of outdoor life in the Nordics is long and really incorporated with the culture, since we have a lot of land and a small population,” explains Angeliqa Mejstedt, who runs one of


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norwegian Folkhighschool-movement, represented through its subject: outdoor nature life (Friluftsliv). Both movements are thought to be a cultural expression for their respective Outdoor-traditions. The study allows to give an indepth view of the phenomen of Outdoor …

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How ‘friluftsliv’ can help you reconnect with nature The Norwegian word, coined in 1859, has come to embody Norway’s cultural enchantment with nature.

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2 3 Aktiv ferie Når du ikke vil dase hele ferien, er her en oversigt over de mange aktivitetsmuligheder motion, golf, friluftsliv og masser af sjov for hele familien. Side 5 Active Holidays If you do not want to relax during your entire holiday, this will give you a list of the many possible activities – exercise, golf, outdoor life and lots of fun for all family members.

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ABSTRACT. The urbanization of childhood may have consequences for the individual as well as for society as a whole. The link between outdoor activities in natural surroundings and human development is well documented.

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Friluftsliv translates directly from Norwegian as «free air life,» which doesn’t quite do it justice. Coined relatively recently, in it is the concept that being outside is good for human beings’ mind and spirit.

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This is friluftsliv extreme, outdoor living at its ragged edge. We drive to a snow-speckled plateau halfway up one of his favourite peaks, the witch-hatted Romsdalshorn.