Pixar Short Lou: First Look Image

Pixar Short Lou: First Look Image & Details | ScreenRant

The monster named Lou has baseballs for eyes tucked inside a red hoodie, and his secret watch over the playground reveals kids being terrorized by J.J., the class bully. Below is a first look image of Lou in his wooden box, possibly planning the «high-jinks-filled comeuppance» in store for J.J.

First look image from Disney-Pixar’s new short Lou

Thanks to USA Today, we’ve got a first-look image from Lou, the new short from Disney-Pixar, which is set to play in cinemas alongside Cars 3 this summer. Lou revolves around a creature who

First Look: New Pixar Short ‘Lou’ – The Pixar Times

USA Today debuted the image above, which gives us a glimpse at what Lou actually looks like. Given Pixar’s love of giving life and a story to usually inanimate objects, one could quickly begin to understand what to expect from this short.

Lou – Cars 3 | official FIRST LOOK clip (2017) – YouTube

Jun 18, 2017 · see a clip from Lou, the new Disney/Pixar short showing in front of Cars 3.

Lou – Pixar Animated Short Film – TRAILER / REVIEW

Jun 15, 2017 · Lou – Watch first look clip at Disney Pixar animated short that will be shown before the release of Cars 3. Lou is a monster who lives in the lost and found box at a school for young children.

First Look at new Pixar short «Lou» | Flickreel

Disney-Pixar has released a first image from their new short Lou, which is set to be shown in theaters with Cars 3. The first look comes via USAToday and you can check it out below: The 6 minute

FIRST LOOK at Disney Pixar’s latest animated short Lou

Feb 02, 2017 · Watch video · DISNEY Pixar have released the first still from its new short Lou, which will screen in cinemas before Cars 3 this summer.

Interview: Dave Mullins and the Development of Pixar Short

Mullins explained that Pixar artists are encouraged to pitch ideas for animated short films, so he’s made a few pitches over the years, but this one really struck a chord. He first pitched Lou in 2012. He explained that the film was inspired by experiences he had as a child.

List of Pixar shorts – Wikipedia

Beginning with Pixar’s second film A Bug’s Life, all subsequent Pixar feature films, except Coco, have been shown in theaters along with a Pixar-created original short film, known as a «short.»Other Pixar shorts, released only on home media, were created to showcase what Pixar can do (either technologically or cinematically), or were created specifically for a client.

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Pixar has already released a few images from Coco, as well as a two-minute Coco teaser trailer that showcases the film’s Mexican inspiration, Miguel’s budding musicianship and hinted at the supernatural, ghostly themes that will surely help Miguel uncover his family’s secrets.