Some Blu-ray Disc Players Have HDMI Inputs

Some Blu-ray Disc Players Have HDMI Inputs – Lifewire

That’s right, in addition to the HDMI output that is characteristic of all Blu-ray Disc players (some even have two HDMI outputs), there are a small number of players that sport one or two HDMI inputs as well. blu ray player with hdmi input

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Ultra HD Bu-ray Disc players can be found in the $159 to $1,500, which, although more expensive than most Blu-ray disc players, just remember that back to 2006/2007 the first Blu-ray Disc players were priced in the $1,000 range, and first DVD players introduced in 1996/1997 were in the $500 price range.

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Oct 08, 2014 · There must be a few at the budget end that do this. There is a few blu-ray players with two outputs, I don’t know of any with two inputs. Any that did I imagine would merely have a multiple source to single output switch. You may find a DVD player with 5.1 analogue outputs but blu-ray HD audio sources require HDMI to output multichannel digital audio.

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Nov 04, 2009 · That is not a stand alone Blu-ray player, it is an HTIB (home theater in a box) that has a built in Blu-ray player. A stand alone player would not require any HDMI inputs, but a …

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Samsung’s flagship Blu-ray player switches HDMI inputs

Jan 11, 2012 · Samsung’s BD-E6500 has two HDMI inputs on the back, a first for standalone Blu-ray players Samsung . LAS VEGAS–There hasn’t been much news at CES 2012 in the standalone Blu-ray player space, but

Dont have vizio remote. HDMI inputs not showing video from

HDMI source is blu ray disc player connected to HDMI 1 and tried HDMI 2. Both inputs «no signal» sounds like I need my main board replaced or my own main board repaired by a service heft TV Technician: Shahid , Technician replied 1 year ago

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The MHL input and a Roku Stick (which Oppo sells as an option for the player) provides a bit of a work-around for this issue, but streaming support is where the universal players still fall short of …

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That being said, this sound bar system is completely incompatible with both the TV and the Blu Ray player. 1)If you exchanged the Soundbar for one with HDMI Inputs, then it would work. 2)If you exchnaged the Blu Ray player for one with Optical or RCA Audio Outputs as well as HDMI- then it would work. 3)If you exchanged the TV for one with an

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Aug 09, 2012 · First of all, the BD-E6500 has dual HDMI inputs–yes, inputs. The BD-E6500 can function as an HDMI switcher, allowing you to connect two additional …


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Some Blu-ray discs, in order to be viewed in high-definition, will require that the Blu-ray player and the HDTV/display be connected using an HDMI cable as a copy-protection measure.