Dinner at TAO with the «FoodGod» Jonathan Cheban

Dinner at TAO with the «FoodGod» Jonathan Cheban | GQ

On a recent Friday night, Jonathan Cheban, a celebrity, strolled past a statue of a reclining Buddha on his way to the table at TAO Downtown in New York City.

Dinner at TAO with the «FoodGod» Jonathan Cheban » VIM

Dinner at TAO with the “FoodGod” Jonathan Cheban Sure, you might know him as Kim Kardashian’s best friend. But the social media star is quickly conquering new territory—the fertile, foodie world of Snapchat—as the benevolent @FoodGod.

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Jonathan Cheban is a reality television personality, entrepreneur and former publicist. He is noted for his recurring role on the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs.

Education: Fort Lee High School

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13 TAO Downtown Is A New York Favorite This restaurant is a favorite of Jonathan Cheban’s and he can’t say enough good things about the restaurant. As you can see Kim Kardashian loves celebrating her birthday at all his favorite locations as well.

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Stewart later tweeted that Cheban is a «very famous bff of the Kardashians. Who knew.» Suffice to say, Stewart wouldn’t be Tweeting a question like that now, because Cheban has moved up in the world.

Jonathan Cheban Calls Himself ‘Food God’, Wants to Be Guy

Over the course of one dinner at N.Y.C. hot spot Tao — a favorite of his — the reality star describes dishes to reporter Joshua David Stein about a variety of food-related topics.

Foodgod Jonathan Cheban: Gold Chicken Wings at the

Foodgōd Jonathan Cheban Just Invented Gold-Dipped Chicken Wings That Cost Up to $1,000 They’re at the Ainsworth in New York City, and $1,000 buys 50, plus a …

Six Celestial Quotes from GQ’s Interview With ‘FoodGōd

In the interview, GQ accompanies Cheban to dinner at Tao. You should read the whole thing here —it is a work of art—but in the meantime, here are six things that Jonathan Cheban said. On the

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Dinner at Tao with the “FoodGod” Jonathan Cheban Joshua David Stein | GQ “‘I love Tao,’ he says, slipping into the large booth that overlooks the room.

Jonathan Cheban heads to dinner in Beverly Hills before

The FoodGod also shared a sweet tribute to his best friend Kim Kardashian as she turned 38-years-old on Sunday. He loves LA: Jonathan Cheban has been enjoying a long work trip in Los Angeles to

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