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The visual identity of a logo can make or break a brand in the eyes of a discerning consumer. Throughout a single company’s history, various logos serve as indicators of values, loyalty, and

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While not on the level of these 10 iconic logos, the Ready Artwork logo has been carefully designed to describe what we do as a company. Extensive planning ensured that the logo would give the best design to represent the company.

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Famous logo designers. Ever wandered who designed some of the best brand logos?. Who are the designers behind famous logos? Whether you’re a design student or a practicing designer, it’s helpful to occasionally look at the work of the iconic logo designers and learn from them. 19 Iconic logo designers and their famous logos

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A logo is the visual embodiment of your brand. It’s a beacon that draws people to your products and services. This weekend I drove to Ohio to attend my brother’s wedding.

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Even the «PAC-MAN» logo itself (with the icon representing the «C») is iconic. In a strange twist, the (still iconic) original logo for Super Mario Bros only appears in …

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A swoosh. A circle with three spokes meeting in the middle. A vague description of certain iconic logos immediately conjures up their images and the names of the brands they represent.

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The Nintendo «capsule» logo. Of course, its franchises have iconic logos of their own. Super Mario Bros. has two iconic logos of its own; the classic pipe-like font of its older games (which are still used today for the New Super Mario Bros. games), and the colorful, cartoonish, jagged font …

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No list of iconic logos is complete without mentioning the Apple logo, and Rob Janoff is the designer behind it. In one interview, Janoff described how the iconic bite out of the apple logo was meant to signify a “byte” of information as well as convey the idea that Apple products are as tempting as the apple in the Garden of Eden.

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The Definitive Ranking of the 50 Most Iconic Logos On the surface, putting together this list of 50 iconic logos was a bit daunting, but that being said, it’s a challenge that the Logo Crew absolutely relished.

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The Red Cross. «Top brands are universal in what they represent,» argues Andra Oprisan, …