The Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator Turns Justin Bieber Into ‘Unlucky Contender’

The Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator Turns Justin Bieber Into

In its infinite wisdom, the Internet has provided us with the Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator, which turns your boring, non-hardcore name into a mystical moniker.

Wu-Tang Name Generator

wu-tang names generator Ooooh baby, do you like it raaaaawwwwww ? Join Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Method Man, RZA, GZA, Raekwon , the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the other Staten Island, New York clan members using this Wu-Tang Names Generator .

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Wu Tang Clan Name Generator Follow. Upvote +23 Downvote. Wu-Tang Names Generator (as heard on Jay Leno) July 1st, 2012 Integrate the suggestion into the annotation

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Wu-Tang Name Generator (self.donaldglover) submitted 3 years ago * by iamPIKE call me Mr. big stuff When you guys get a chance, check out your name in the Wu-Tang Name Generator.

Top responsesRedditi got childish gambino, beat that.6 votes«Gentleman Madman» & «Temporary Spastic» Temporary Spastic though2 votesInsane Observer and Homicidal Terrahawk Wow that second one sounds dark.2 votesInsane Specialist like a bosssssssss.2 votesB-Loved Mercenary. I actually like the way it sounds1 voteI got «E-ratic Madman» & «Tha Lonely Donkey Kong»1 voteSee all

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What up, son? Wu-Tang Killa Beez generated this generator. Put yo first name and then yo second, and you get your wu-name. Update: Fo all my lady beez, new category specially made for y’all. This was made by Zodiac Digital, a child who lacks common sense.

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Jun 22, 2010 · And let’s say you love the Wu Tang Clan (so much that your only dream is join them). And let’s also say, for the sake of this example, that your …

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Jun 02, 2010 · With names like Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck and Method Man, who doesn’t want to be a member (in name only) of the Wu-Tang Clan? Sign. Me.

WU-TANG CLAN: The Kung Fu movies that inspired their names

They even got the rights and released some of their favorites on DVD, under their Wu Tang Clan label, but with no efforts to restore them. Yet they still sold. But in turn, this inspired The Weinstein Company and Genius Products do buy up the rights of some of the better movies, do serious restoration work on them, and re-release them on the Dragon Dynasty label.

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The Wu-tang clan was inspired by these movies and my guess is they spent a ton of time, like many kids of our generation, re-enacting and playing those scenes. The movies didn’t explain it but the two main styles of Chinese martial arts were the Wudang (named after the mountain range) and Shaolin styles.

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The Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator 1. The Wu-Tang Clan Name Generator Let’s say you’re an aspiring rapper. And let’s say you love the Wu Tang Clan (so much that your only dream is join them). And let’s also say, for the sake of this example, that your name …

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Glover’s stage name, Childish Gambino, came from the Wu-Tang Clan’s name generator. On June 5, 2008, he released an independent album, titled Sick Boi. Glover would then become a member of the sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy, along with Dominic Dierkes, Meggie McFadden, DC …

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Wu-Tang Clan are regarded as one of the most influential hip-hop groups of all time. Wu-Tang Clan has released four gold and platinum studio albums. Their 1993 debut album, Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), is considered one of the greatest albums in hip hop history.

Origin: Staten Island, New York, United States

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It pretty much boils down to that as this is one of the best rap singles ever made. The lyrics are on point and the beat is dark and moody, just how the Wu-Tang Clan liked it. 1. “Gravel Pit” Some may disagree with the “Gravel Pit” being the number one track of all-time …