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The Live Psychotria Viridis Plant. This plant is most revered for the contribution it makes in the famouse Ayahuasca brew that the indians have prepared during spiritual …

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Note: For any of you that are caught up in this Psychotria viridis or Psychotria Alba debate. The forums are loaded with misinformation. Our original first mothers given to …

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Psychotria viridis | Chacruna. We offer you dried Psychotria Viridis leaves from a Quechua family in Ecuador. We met this family years ago and we are honoured and grateful that we are allowed to sell their sacred plants. By buying these from us you enable us to support this family and help them maintain the land they care for.

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TRADITIONAL USES: Psychotria viridis is the most common DMT-containing plant used in ayahuasca brews in the Amazon of Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, and parts of Brazil. It is also favoured by the modern ayahuasca churches Santo Daime and Uniao do Vegetal .

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Care and Cultivation of Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’ Psychotria viridis ‘UDV’ is a relatively medium to fast growing plant if kept in a warm position. Prefers a shady, moist, well-drained site and a rich loam soil with adequate fertiliser.

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Psychotria viridis clones well using a standard leaf cutting technique, so all you need is a fresh leaf to get you started. Remove a large leaf from the plant complete with a full petiole (leaf stem).

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Psychotria viridis is a tropical evergreen native to the Amazon jungle. This member of the rubiaceae family is related to coffee and has glossy green foliage that gives the two a similar appearance. Psychotria viridis grows to about fourteen feet in the wild, but tends to be a bit smaller in cultivation.