Betsy DeVos Proposes Changes to Title IX Procedures

Betsy DeVos Proposes Changes to Title IX Procedures – The

The DeVos declarations last year about the fundamental lack of fairness in Title IX proceedings came just before the revelations about Harvey Weinstein and the subsequent #MeToo tidal wave.

Betsy DeVos is proposing changes to Title IX. What will

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos says changes to how sexual misconduct cases are handled would make the process more fair to accused students and to schools.

Betsy DeVos wants change to campus sexual assault and

Nov 16, 2018 · BREAKING: Betsy DeVos’ Department of Education just released a set of potentially devastating draft rules. If they go into effect, they would undermine many of …

Right and Left React to Betsy DeVos’s Changes to Campus

Sep 12, 2017 · Ms. Markowicz defends the reforms to Title IX introduced by Ms. Devos by condemning the “utterly unfair procedures” common under the Obama-era system.

New Title IX regulations may affect sexual assault procedures

1 day ago · On November 16, United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed regulations to Title IX to provide a new framework for interpreting the federal civil rights law that prohibits gender discrimination in all schools receiving federal funding.

DeVos proposes changes to Obama-era Title IX enforcement

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says current procedures for handling sexual assault complaints on college campuses ‘aren’t working’ and plans to share major revisions on how Title IX policies will

DeVos’ Change to Title IX Guidance on Sex Assault

DeVos’ Change to Title IX Guidance on Sex Assault Investigations Prompts Suit Education Secretary Betsy DeVos speaks in Arlington, Virginia delivering a major policy address about Title IX, on

Betsy DeVos’s Title IX Rules Highlight How Bad Campus

Betsy DeVos (Wikimedia Commons ) The proposed Title IX rules highlight how bad things have become on campus.

Betsy DeVos Formally Unveils New Title IX Rules: 3 Ways

All Title IX really required was to take the «mens» and «womens» signs off the showers and restrooms in the athletic building, and let men and women play on the same teams.