Google’s Pixel C tablet is amazing — except for one big problem

Google’s Pixel C tablet is amazing — except for one big

The Google Chromebook Pixel C was announced by the company in late September as its first attempt at a hybrid tablet — and the first Android-based device to join the high-end Pixel family.

Review: Google’s Pixel C tablet is perfect…except for one

The Google Pixel C is absolutely fan-freaking-tastic.. Except for one earth-shattering problem – and the software, despite what every other review on the Internet is saying, is not it. google pixel c tablet

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So which one should you get? Buy into the ecosystem you prefer. Don’t read reviews about the Google Pixel C vs the Apple iPad Air 2. Both tablets are toe to toe. The Pixel C has a better CPU+GPU, but you won’t notice the speed difference. Not yet anyway. I bought the Pixel C because I prefer the Google ecosystem, but have always envied iPad users.

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Google retires the Pixel C tablet as it shifts focus to

That’s a shame – the Pixel C was the nicest out of the Google Nexus/Pixel tablets I’ve owned – luckily I skipped the Nexus 9, but the Pixel C was head and shoulders above the Nexus 10. The keyboard was the first I’ve seen for a tablet that wasn’t just an afterthought (and that includes the Surface Pro 1).

Google’s 64GB Pixel C tablet is $100 off on the Google

Pixel Google’s 64GB Pixel C tablet is $100 off on the Google Store until January 7th ( submitted 1 year ago by ssniper21 Not a single problem. No one has really had any solid information about the end of service for it though. and 64gb is 500. is there any rumors on pixel c 2 or google discontinuing this? the new

Top responsesRedditI love my Pixel C. I use it every day72 votesThey need to cut the price in half, not take off $10025 votesNo one should jump on these deals until they match the sale price from the developer discount from last year. No reason why it hasn’t hit that price again24 votesYou would be better off just getting one of the newly announced Chromebook convertibles21 votesI’ll just buy a 2in1 Chromebook for 500 thx18 votes$700 after $100 off11 votesSee all : 2016 Flagship Google Pixel C 10.2-in HD

I bought the Google Pixel C to experience pure Android from a tablet perspective. I have an iPad Air 2 that I use almost daily. When I first saw this tablet, I thought it would replace the iPad as my go to tablet. Just looking at the specs made me feel like the Pixel C would render the iPad as a novelty tech to be used a few times out of a month.

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