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Urban Dictionary: funky

1. different but cool/nice 2. a bad smell. I would like to define funky fashion. Funky fasion is not people who follow the trends, but may use the trends to their advantage in a certain outfit.

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Oct 23, 2014 · Why Does My Vagina Smell? Your vagina doesn’t need to smell like that field of flowers on the box of feminine deodorant spray. Why does the vagina smell? The vagina is a carefully balanced ecosystem of fluid (discharge) and bacteria meant to keep the vaginal PH at a healthy 4.5. This combination of fluid and bacteria that make

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My Protein Shaker Smells Bad: Quick Fixes It means you won’t have to smell the disgusting smell radiating out of the protein shaker for too long. But you might not have known that it’s also great for getting rid of that funky-ass smell out of your protein shaker.

Girl I was tappin had a funky ass smell (srs

May 03, 2011 · What the **** brah’s girl I was tappin had a strong smell, very hard to explain but as I was raw doggin it, it smelt very wierd down there. anybody experience this? Girl I was tappin had a funky ass smell (srs) – Forums

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Dec 20, 2009 · Do Women Smell Their Men»s Underwear? Do they ever smell it to get a turn-on sexually from the scent? girls don’t like the whole scat/funky body smell thing. We think it’s gross. by the discussion of mens ass hygene is disgusting and disrespectful. we do not talk about pusy odor here out of respect for our female sisters and I RESENT

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Nov 29, 2012 · To rub your finger around her funky area and then smell it? Click to expand If I wanted to smell an ass I could smell my own. Click to expand Aye, but her ass is yours for the time being

27 Hygiene Tips To Keep You Fresh And Clean-Smelling

Overweight People: Wash where your ass meets the small of your back. Former overweight person here. Ever notice some overweight people smell like funky ass, even though they shower? I had noticed that in the past and assumed they lie about taking a shower, then I got a bit fat.

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How to Get Rid of That Ass Smell. ASS CLEANERS OF AMERICA Then wash that funky ass hole. I cannot emphasized that enough, you need to wash your ass everyday! So get some deodorant soap and lather that sphincter well with your finger. Then rinse all the soap off, you don’t want to leave some soap up your ass because it will be itchy later.

Urban Dictionary: Badussy

Badussy – Noun. Pungent odor of three combined sources: butt, dick, and pussy. «Booty,Dick and pussy smells all together as one herendous dirty funky ass smell. «It smells like badussy in here!» -Def Jamz: How to be a player. by Tim And Chris February 16, 2003. 43 20.

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Jul 04, 2011 · Compare how the smell is, and take notes, keep a journal on the smells of your anus each day, and write down what you ate. It s very important that if you notice your anus smells very UNPLEASANT and actually makes you not want to sniff it, this means something is wrong. Your anal odor should be pleasant to you, you should enjoy the smell.

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