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“[The Fighter] is a crisply written tale of thwarted lives and rawboned courage.” Booklist (starred review) “A grizzled, brown liquor-drenched gem.” The Dallas Morning News “Michael Farris Smith has inherited the rough south of Larry Brown and created his own rugged terrain.

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Michael Farris Smith is the author of The Fighter, Desperation Road, Rivers, and The Hands of Strangers. He has been awarded the Mississippi Author Award for Fiction, Transatlantic Review Award, and Brick Streets Press Story Award.


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Michael Farris Smith, author of the gritty, riveting novel The Fighter, credits two big influences for his decision to become a fiction writer after returning to his native Mississippi. The first, he says in a call to his rented writing studio in Water Valley, Mississippi, was his decision to leave Mississippi and work in Switzerland and France after college.

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by Michael Farris Smith INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL FARRIS SMITH You’d expect the characters in Michael Farris Smith’s novel The Fighter to bare their knuckles, not necessarily their souls.

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The Fighter by Michael Farris Smith : A blistering novel of violence and deliverance set against the mythic backdrop of the Mississippi Delta The acres and acres of fertile soil, the …

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Feb 15, 2018 · Michael Farris Smith chose the above epigraph for his new novel, The Fighter, and there may be few epigraphs more well-matched than this one. Jack Boucher has been fighting since nearly the day he was born.

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The ferocious fourth novel by the author of Desperation Road confines itself to a few fraught days in the life of a cage fighter on his last legs. Forty-something Jack Boucher, raised by a fo

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May 15, 2018 · THE FIGHTER Author: Michael Farris Smith Publisher: No Exit Press Release Date: March 2018 Punch-drunk middle-aged bareknuckle fighter Jack Boucher is damaged beyond repair.

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The Fighter, by Michael Farris Smith (Little, Brown) «As much as I have been around the country and also abroad, it seems common for the negative connotation to stand out in front,» he says.

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Michael Farris Smith’s protagonist in ‘The Fighter’ is shattered but persistent. In the opening chapters of «The Fighter» — Michael Farris Smith’s latest tale of crime and other dark corners

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The Fighter is Southern noir at its finest.»―Ace Atkins, New York Times bestselling author of The Fallen and The Sinners «Michael Farris Smith is so good, I might actually hate him a little bit. The Fighter is a book I wish I’d written but am deeply grateful I got to read. It is a …


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The Fighter is a brilliant novel set against the dark and desolate backdrop of the Mississippi Delta, where Jack the Jaw, a washed-up bare-knuckle fighter, battles against decades of booze and drug abuse as he returns home to try to save all he has lost.