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Edward Teach, better known as «Blackbeard,» was the most feared pirate of his day and perhaps the figure most often associated with the Golden Age of Piracy in …

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Commands: Queen Anne’s Revenge, Adventure

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Blackbeard, byname of Edward Teach, Teach also spelled Thatch or Thack, (born c. 1680, Bristol?, England—died November 22, 1718, Ocracoke Island, North Carolina [U.S.]), one of history’s most famous pirates, who became an imposing figure in American folklore.

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Edward Teach was an enormous man, nicknamed Blackbeard because of his massive beard, and in the following two years he acquired a fearsome reputation for cruelty after repeatedly preying on shipping and coastal settlements of the West Indies and the Atlantic coast of North America.

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Blackbeard. Edward Teach (c. 1680 – 22 November 1718), better known as Blackbeard, was a notorious English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies. Although little is known about his early life, he was likely born in Bristol, England.

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Edward «Blackbeard» Teach was a 17th century pirate. Contents . Biography. During an expedition, Blackbeard and his crew came across the Earth Totem, which he gave to his true love, Anne Queen. However, the totem overtook her and Teach was forced to put her down.

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Blackbeard is perhaps most famous for his legendary blockade of Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. In 1718, Blackbeard entered Charleston Harbor in his ship …

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Blackbeard Facts for Kids. Real name: Edward Teach, or Edward Thatch; Born c. 1680 in Bristol, England; Died November 22, 1718, in North Carolina, United States; Pirated throughout the West Indies and the Eastern Coast of the American Colonies; The name “Blackbeard” comes from his thick black beard, and his fearsome appearance.

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Blackbeard, is believed to have been born around 1680 in the vicinity of Bristol, England’s second most important port. Historians have speculated that Thatch (also recorded as “Teach,” “Tache,” and “Thach”) may have not have been his real name, a theory bolstered by …

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Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, was a fearsome pirate captain in command of the mighty ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Blackbeard will return to Nassau to settle some unfinished business, but a great deal had changed during his absence, and he will have to disrupt cemented alliances

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Debut: Chapter 223; Episode 146

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Blackbeard >Edward «Blackbeard» Teach (1680-1718) was a legend in his own time. Born in >England, he plundered ships traveling to and from the American …

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Blackbeard the Pirate. by Robert E. Lee, 1986 In all the records made during the period in which he was committing his sea robberies, he was identified as either Blackbeard or Edward Teach. Numerous spellings of the latter name include Thatch, Thack, Thatche, and Theach, but Teach is the form most commonly encountered, and most historians

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Edward Teach, originally from an engraving by Benjamin Cole in A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates (1724) Edward Teach (1680 [1] – 22 November 1718) was a pirate , often called » Blackbeard the Pirate».

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